We will be airing our weekly show this afternoon Sunday March/8 at 3pm CST. Once again our focus will be on the sad and baffling cases of Caylee Anthony and Haleigh Cummings. Our panel this week will be Jan Barrett, Ms Pickles, and Vegas crime maven Denny Griffin.

In the Caylee Anthony case the week saw another slew of evidence released into the public domain. One of the big items being a vast library of photographs of Casey Anthony from a web site Photobucket. The Anthony defense team had tried to block the release citing that these photographs could reflect badly on their client! Maybe young Casey should have thought twice about posting them on the web in the first place!

News organizations are also reporting that in this collection of photobucket evidence are numerous pictures and sketches of skulls which were apparently uploaded AFTER Caylee’s disappearance. Very strange indeed.

In the Haleigh case everything seems to be moving along at 100mph but not actually going anywhere. Of course it could be that the investigators in this case are just not sharing a lot of information with the press, and what we perceive as no progress may indeed be the wrong conclusion.

To catch our broadcast live go to www.blogtalkradio.com at 3pm and the link to the show will be on the front page. We also encourage all of our listeners to call in with your questions and comments. Our switchboard will be open at 3pm and the number to call is (646) 378-1120.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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