It was the usual wide ranging program, unlike some scripted programs, I like this one to roam where it may. Do not get me wrong, we do have a large list of discussion points, but I also am a firm believer in leaving the play-book when opportunities arise. And today way brimming with them.

Our first segment was about the Caylee Anthony case. A lot of the discussion involved the ‘hearing’ last Thursday concerning Casey Anthony as to her standing as being indigent.  Well folks, she had no money, and no job before getting locked up, so it should have been a ‘slam dunk’ decision. Right?

Well not quite. Actually there are many factors that come into play. Jose Baez and Andrea Lyon came into court with cap in hand. In what could best be described as something out of a Judge Judy episode. Who comes to court facing a hearing about money but does not think it is important to bring any records? Apparently the dynamic duo of Jose (Batman) Baez and Andrea (Robin) Lyon did not think that any records (evidence) might be needed. One can only hope that they are better lawyers than they are accountants. They openly admitted to using approximately $112,000, but the war chest was $275,000! Hey, from here on in, I am going ‘Pro Bono’ there is money to be made!

Oops, I am pro bono, damn, where did I go wrong?

The money factor bothers me a great deal. And while I have no argument with the court finding Casey Anthony with no means of funding a defense, I do object to tax payers money going to fleece the pockets of the legal low-life’s.

There was not a great deal of news on the Haleigh Cummings case this week. It is a sad and frustrating story, and few believe that it will have a good outcome. What news we had, we shared.

It was still an interesting program, and one that should be listened to.

I won’t stoop to the Bombshell, or Exclusive banner, but I do believe I might have a very interesting article in the nest couple of days.

You can listen to the entire program here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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