George and Cindy Anthony’s attorney, Brad Conway say the Anthony’s are waiting for their daughter’s defense team to release little Caylee Anthony’s remains so some dates can be set for the private and the public funeral. They are hoping to know something by the middle of next week.

Conway says that Cindy has been keeping busy behind the scenes all week. “She’s finally been able to start working on some plans in regards to the public service,” Conway said. “Music, flowers, possible venues for it.” It sounds like they are preparing for the Presidential Inauguration where they are expecting tons of guests. I wonder if they are having it catered. Is this the same people that it was rumored just a few short weeks ago that they were asking for money for Caylee’s funeral?  Now don’t get me wrong, Caylee should be laid to rest properly, I agree but coming from a family that has not worked for so long one has to wonder who is paying for all this. 

Conway says nothing is set for certain yet, well except for one thing made perfectly clear. They have said that California’s Bounty Hunter, Leonard Padilla who has been in and out of this case on several occasions, will NOT be invited or let in.  Now is this a way to treat the man that was the only one at one time to give Cindy’s precious brat a break by bailing her out of jail only for Casey to turn on him once she was out?

Conway told reporters that the Anthony’s stopped long enough to watch the TV coverage of the motions hearings today saying this was the first time they have seen even a glimpse of their daughter since she had been arrested again in October. “They were glad to see her,” Conway said. “They’re worried about her,” Conway said when speaking of the Anthony’s concern about their daughter. “They love her and they stand by her and want to know the truth. She looked okay to them, as well as she could look.”

MyFoxOrlando is reporting that Tim Miller, from Texas Equusearch is now saying that on November 8th Jim Hoover reported a tip to one of his volunteers which involved a wooded area near the Anthony home, which happens to be the same area where Caylee’s remains were found in December. “He actually told (searcher) Bill Todd that nobody could know he was out there,” Miller said. “And it had to be kept a big secret that he is working as security for the Anthony’s and if the Anthony’s ever found out he was out there his job would be in jeopardy.”

A tape recorded video has been in question this week of Hoover along with another private investigator, Dominic Casey, at the same wooded area on November 15th. This was a week after Tim Miller said Hoover came to them. Dominic Casey also worked for the Anthony’s as a private investigator. Hoover filled out one of Equusearch’s forms for the tip but Miller wouldn’t say what Hoover told them exactly. Bill Todd’s wife did say that Hoover’s tip didn’t directly point them to the location that Caylee was actually found in December but he did say that someone saw Casey’s car parked near that patch of woods back un June.

Tim Miller also plans to return to Orlando to fight Jose Baez on one of his requests. He says that Baez wants him to turn over the names of volunteers, maps, and tips that the group received while they were there searching. “We have a very small office and we are volunteers,” said Miller. “And we have got over 20,000 copies of paperwork and that is going to be very time consuming and costly.”  He said his primary concern though is about the private information collected from and about volunteers saying.

“This is just not one of those things I want Baez to have is all the information of 4,000 plus volunteers that came out here,” Miller said. “I am having a huge problem with that.”

Miller says he wants to protect the people that volunteer for him. He said if he can’t then it could set a precedent all over the country and that would deter much needed volunteers from helping in future searches. Miller’s attorney, Mark NeJame, is reviewing this motion and added that they could be filing their own motion in court earlier this week.

Perhaps pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together. Maybe America’s little Angel will finally have her justice soon. I sure do hope so. We need to get this little girl in her final resting place now and out of that cold room at the funeral home.  God Bless you Caylee.

Jan Barrett

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