Everyone has been following the Caylee Anthony story, a Google News Search on Caylee, her wacko mother Casey, or the idiot Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla that for reasons only Fox News knows (that’s  speculation, but watch this space) that sprung the stupid woman from jail, and you will see literally thousands of stories, from a multitude of countries.

giovanni_gonzalez.jpgThe Giovanni Gonzalez story is just as heartbreaking, but almost no news organization has picked up on it. In fact Giovanni’s story parallels Caylee in an uncanny way.

Caylee went missing after supposedly being dropped off at a babysitter, Giovanni went missing after being left with his father for two days. Casey Anthony’s car was said to smell of dead bodies, Ernesto Gonzalez has a cut on his hand that he refuses to explain, and the cops have a house mop that the cops think has blood on it and has then been bleached. Neither can offer any sensible answers, and both were held on a $500,000 bond.

That is where the stories diverge, Casey Anthony is out on bail, Ernesto Gonzalez sits in jail. The press is all over the Anthony story, but almost no one outside of Lynn, Massachusetts has heard about this story. There is no idiot Bounty Hunter involved. Hey Dog Chapman, this could be your salvation! You and Beth could stick up the $500k bond and be famous again!

So what is the difference between the two cases? Call me a cynic, but it sure would be easy to pull the race card out, Caylee is (or at least I hope that ‘is’ is the correct term) a very pretty white 3 year old girl, Giovanni is a five year old boy who is Hispanic.

I came across the Gonzalez case quite by accident, not too many people dig around in Google like I do, for the latest on this sad story check out Jan’s article.

Oh, and for the latest idiocy from Leonard Padilla (and it involves some bad language, and his apparent hate for rock music) check this out. As for the idiot mother, you won’t believe what she has being doing with a cop!

Simon Barrett


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