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Missing 6-month-old Riley Archer Buchness

Some say truth is stranger than fiction and this story may apply: a Florida couple claim their 6-month old baby boy has been missing since Tuesday and that the baby was last seen with the “nanny”.

Police have issued an Amber Alert for 6-month old Riley Archer Buchness reported missing yesterday by his parents, John Buchness and Meagan McCormic.

The couple claim the nanny’s name is “Camille” but they don’t know her last name. The police say the couple has given a “vague description” of the nanny and that she is 5′ 6″, weighs approximately 130 pds, has long brown hair, and speaks with a heavy French accent. She also drives a red Acura with possibly Massachusetts plates.

The couple, who recently moved to Miami, claim they knew “Camille” from when they lived in Boston and that the nanny had previously babysat baby Riley. According to the couple, Camille had promised to drop off Riley at 1 p.m.. Camille then text messaged two hours later saying she was stuck in traffic. Riley’s mother claims she called Camille and told her Riley could stay over Tuesday night but to return the baby on Wednesday. After Camille didn’t show up by 8 p.m. Wednesday, and hadn’t responded to cell phone calls or text messages, Riley’s parents notified the police.

[ABOVE: Caylee Marie Anthony]

On July 15, 22-yr-old Casey Anthony of Orlando, Florida, filed a missing persons report claiming her two-yr-old daughter, Caylee, had been “kidnapped” by the little girl’s nanny. Casey Anthony claimed Caylee had been missing for “31 days” and that the nanny, Zenaida Gonzales, had taken her. When asked by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department why Anthony hadn’t contacted the authorities earlier, Anthony stated that she had told two coworkers at Universal.

A check by investigators found that Anthony had been fired by Universal in 2004 and that one “coworker” had been fired by Universal in 2002. The other “coworker” didn’t exist. What was extraordinary about Anthony’s tale is that when the investigators confronted Anthony with the information that she hadn’t worked for Universal for years, Anthony argued that she was an employee. She even agreed to ride with investigators out to Universal.

When they arrived, Anthony purportedly walked up to the employee entrance and then insisted to a security guard that she was a current employee who had misplaced her I.D.. When asked who her supervisor was, she gave them the same name she had previously given to the investigators: Tom Manley. When the security guard couldn’t locate a Tom Manley in the Universal employee databank, Anthony continued to claim she was a current employee. Universal allowed Anthony and the investigators to enter the building where Anthony claimed she had an office.

According to the investigators, Anthony strolled half way down a hallway until she stopped, turned around, and then admitted the Universal story was lie.

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UPDATE 1630 December 26, 2008:
Casey Anthony Case: Miami Police Charge Woman Who Claimed Baby was Taken by Nanny

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Source: Caylee Anthony Case: Another Florida Couple Claim Nanny Took Baby Boy

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