According to Brad Conway, George and Cindy Anthony’s attorney, has announced that they have set the date for their granddaughter’s funeral to be on February 10 at 10 am at the First Baptist Church in Orlando located at 3000 John Young Parkway. The church has a 5000 seat capacity. It isn’t clear to me though if this is the actual funeral or just the public Memorial service.

George Anthony was released from the hospital Tuesday night and the family apparently went out of their way to make sure reporters didn’t get to him once he came out. They seemed to have used multiple vehicles and an alternative exit out of the hospital to keep anyone from seeing him or catching him on camera.

How long did he stay in the hospital, 11 days? If he is home and seems to be ok now, that hospital must have worked miracles on him. Brad Conway said, “He’s feeling good. He’s ready. He’s totally receptive. And this is part of the healing process. He knows that his family needs him and he’s ready to move forward.”

Well I guess that time away from his crazy wife would be enough therapy to heal him. I’d like to know if they pumped his stomach out to find out if he actually took those pills that were missing. Who knows he could have flushed them down the toilet to make it seem like he took them. Drinking some beer is not a sign of suicide. My husband drinks his beer every day and he certainly isn’t trying to kill himself, even on a bad day.

Lee’s attorney says this is the time that the Anthony’s all need to try and heal as a family. Lee is also reportedly home now. “He’s very happy to be back in town and he is happy to be with his family and continues to spend time with his father who’s out of the hospital and really try to begin to emotionally heal from this entire event,” said Lee’s attorney, Tom Luka.

All of the Anthony’s have been subpoenaed to testify under oath in the Zenaida Gonzalez civil suit against their daughter, Casey Anthony. Gonzalez maintains that all these false allegations that Casey made has ruined her reputation. Gonzalez’s attorney, John Morgan wants to depose all of the Anthony’s in front of the cameras. “Then we have some surprise questions for them they may have some difficulty answering,” he said.

Lee is more than likely going to plead the fifth and it has also been said that the Anthony’s have stated that they have no plans on testifying unless it will be kept from the public. Lee’s attorney claims that Morgan’s idea to conduct public depositions won’t be allowed by the judge.

I’d like to know one thing. What are they afraid of? Are they afraid if put under oath they would have to give honest answers that maybe it would help send their daughter to the electric chair? Would they answer without the cameras? I doubt that they would.

The Orange County taxpayers have been footing the bill for attorney fees for the former meter reader that found Caylee’s remains which apparently has gone up to $10,000. Roy Kronk just might find himself having to pay for his attorney himself soon according to the attorney that has fielded media offers and accompanied Kronk with interviews about the case. He is starting a new job Monday with the county. He will be working in a warehouse on a new inventory specialist job. I guess they figure with a new job and a raise he can afford his own legal fees now. Maybe he should send his bill to the Anthony’s and they can pay it out of all that charity money they are probably receiving.

I hope they are really going to finally lay little Caylee to rest so not only the Anthony’s can heal but the world can heal also. One thing for sure is little Caylee Marie will never be forgotten. The world fell in love with this little girl just by hearing and following this case. A lot of prayers were said for her, a lot of tears were shed for her too. I believe I shed more than her own mother shed for her and I am sure I am not the only one that can honestly say that. Caylee we love you and when I look up I always want to wave to you. I know you are safe where you are now at least. God bless you honey.

Jan Barrett

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