I came across an article this morning in The Sky973 which I found rather interesting.
Over 1000 pages of documents have been released by the Florida State Attorney’s Office revealing new information about the case and the relationships of some of the key players which happens to include Cindy Anthony and Dominic Casey.

WFTV reveals that months after the Anthony’s held the Memorial Service for little Caylee Anthony, Cindy was still asking her private detective, Dominic Casey to search for a live Caylee. Apparently the two exchanges possibly hundreds of emails discussing how they could dig up dirt on other people involved in the case which included Leonard Padilla , Roy Kronk, the meter reader that found Caylee’s remains, and Jesse and Richard Grund.

Dominic Casey emailed Cindy Anthony photos of other women that could have been Zenaida Gonzalez for her to show to Casey to try and identify. There were a lot of searches made online looking for a Zenaida Gonzalez.

Dominic Casey reportedly spent a lot of time investigating Roy Kronk, Jesse Grund, Casey’s ex-fiance, and Jesse’s father, Richard Grund. There was a mention of Richard Grund’s strange religious beliefs that might have led them to some sort of sacrifice ritual. Cindy and Dominic Casey were also trying to make some sort of a connection between Roy Kronk and Richard Grund. (I am sorry but just how sick are these people’s minds?)

The part I almost choked on when I looked at it was this chart Dominic Casey came up with for Cindy Anthony with a lit of the ‘Characters of Interest’. They have the names, background, affiliation and an ID Picture of each one on the list which to me was sort of amusing. On the list was Leonard Padilla, Robert Dick, James Hoover, Nancy Grace, Kathi Belich, Richard Grund, Jesse Grund, Larry Garrison, 2 Zanaida Gonzalez;s, John Morgan, Murt Murtaugh and his Van, Walter ( a guy that works with Murt), Katherine Jarris, Daughter of Katherine Harris and Lois Peter.

Several of the backgrounds listed were labeled with things such as “Threats against Family” or “Accusations against Family” and even on Kathi Belich’s background they have listed, “Reporter Disseminates hatred toward family” as does Nancy’s Grace’s. They have that Leonard Padilla carries a knife at Lower Back area in a sheath, and how Robert Dick talks about being a Weapon’s expert.

At the bottom of the chart there are notes saying large groups of protesters were coming in from Kansas, Attempts will be made to conceal cell phones in their shoes, Lois Peter threat to assault Cindy, Murt Murtaugh threat to conceal Video/Audio equipment on several attendees and Wayanne Kruger will attend with others pretending to be an advocate but will be documenting for her book she is writing on the case She will be concealing a cell phone (Blackberry/IPhone?) on a baby bag. She posts trash about the family on the blog.

Apparently this chart was for the security guards benefits with warnings not to let any of these people in. Cindy must have thought they were some kind of royalty that they would need to be protected against all them.

Also in the documents was an email from Cindy telling one of the investigators last October that Dominic Casey was not working for Casey Anthony’s defense team yet recently Dominic Casey swore under oath to a judge that he was working for the defense team when trying to get out of being questioned under oath by Zenaida Gonzalez’s attorney’s.

A lot of DNA tests results were released on a variety of evidence in the case which include the paternity test results for Jesse Grund. There are also detailed product specifications for Henkel Duck brand tape which is the brand of the tape believed to have been wrapped around Caylee’s skull when her remains were found. It is said that the same brand of tape was found in the Anthony home.

The state has filed the motion Tuesday asking that Jose Baez and his team to prove the state kept defense experts from having adequate access to the site where Caylee’s remains were found.

The defense wants a judge to dismiss the case because of issues over the crime scene. They claim the state kept them from properly inspecting the woods where Caylee was found. They filed four motions Thursday in the case. The Amended Motion for Venue Change asks that the judge either throw out the murder case against Casey Anthony or move the trial to south Florida.

A ‘Motion to Dismiss Due To Spoliation of Evidence’ has the defense team claiming that the state failed to preserve any evidence that could possibly clear Casey by not allowing the defense to send in their experts to be present while the investigators were processing the area.

Another one good for a laugh is that the defense wants the jail videos of Casey and her family all destroyed and they have submitted a protective order requesting such action. My question here is if the policy of the Orange County jailhouse is to record ALL visit’s with prisoners then why the hell do they think Casey’s case should be any different? What makes her case so special that they would be granted special privileges here?
They are asking that attorney visits not be videotaped also. I guess they don’t realize that all these requests are only making their client guilty. I mean it looks to me like with all this they are seriously trying to cover up some important evidence that could hang their client if it got out.

I have my own opinion about this case and although not everyone seems to share my opinions. I can’t see anyone else killing sweet little Caylee other than her own mother according to all the evidence they have against her. Actually I don’t see how anyone could harm any child. We have been covering the missing Haleigh Cummings case as well and the case gets stranger and stranger as time goes by. I have to correct myself when I think back to thinking that the case of the murder of Caylee Anthony was crazier than any other murder case I had ever seen. I think the search for Haleigh has gotten crazier. The families in both cases all lie so much to protect the guilty party. It is obvious that they lie, they destroy evidence and they cover up but the question still remains, who are they covering for?

I still pray for justice for little Caylee Marie Anthony, she deserves that much. I pray that Haleigh will soon be found alive and well and be returned to her home where she is with people she loves. I pray that little Adji Desir is found alive and well one day too and be returned home. All the missing children in the US alone are too many to name off one by one but my heart and prayers go out to all of them. I also pray that one day our government can come up with a sure solid way to protect our children more and that the day will come once again when a child can play outside in their own yard and still be safe. I pray that God will watch over each and every one of these children to protect them.

Jan Barrett

As a request from one of our readers I would like to post this:

Please help change our Law’s, this abuse and murder needs to stop.
Thank you.
Stop the abuse and murder of the children in the U.S.

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