All I can say is oh my!

I am long in the tooth with working with LE. I love the way they drop BOMBSHELL’s at the end of the week. I swear they do it on purpose. I have a theory, on Monday they go out for some cold beverages and talk about how much havoc they can cause in the press. On Friday the PIO unleashes some information, jail tapes, documents, whatever. They know that for 48 hours they can avoid the press. It is a good tactic, and one that works well.

Today saw a huge document dump concerning the Caylee Anthony case. It will take days to go through the entire set of documents. But there was one that grabbed my attention, the transcript of an interview between lead detective Yuri Melich and Richard Grund. I have talked  to Richard on several occasions, he is nothing but an honourable man, as is his son Jessie.

I have tried to persuade Richard to open up about what he told the Police. He stoically refused. He is a man with high standards, standards that few people I can name could maintain.

Today that changed. We now know what Richard Grund said. And I support him 100%.

He has nothing flattering to say about any of the Anthony family. The family is ruled by Cindy, and she likes to demonstrate her power! Richard goes so far as to ask George why he is doing what he is doing, based on the fact that he is an ex cop!

Brother Lee also gets a good drubbing in this transcript.

I suggest that you read this document for yourself. In my opinion it is just about the most volatile piece of evidence to surface in the Caylee Anthony case.

Document can be downloaded here.

Simon Barrett

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