Well OK her defense team, the wannabe dream team, was in court but when the star of the day was on her way to court she conveniently had a fall when her restraints became tangled and she fell before the officers walking her to court could catch her. The fall has prevented her from being at the hearing today. Orlando Sentinel reported that she was being treated for minor injuries. (I am sure her injuries are no where near what her precious daughter suffered though so sorry, I have no sympathy for her)

The defense team was back in court today on more motions that were filed which included one they filed still trying to get the death penalty removed and another was to try and get all Casey’s jailhouse visit logs sealed.

We all know I am sure that Casey Anthony is being charged with first degree murder of her then 2 year old daughter in 2008. Caylee’s body was found 6 months after she went missing in a wooded area within walking distance of the Anthony’s family home.

So in court today, the wanna be dream team asked Judge Perry if he would order the jail to seal all visitation records, which are made available to the public. They are claiming that since they can’t keep Casey’s visitation log private it prohibits them from being able to properly prepare their case for trial. Judge Perry told them that he would take the issue under advisement and would make a decision possibly by next week.

The defense team argued in another motion that they want more of an explanation as to why the state is seeking the death penalty in this case, even though the prosecution has already filed a notice listing five legal reasons which applies to this case, one being that Caylee was under 12 years of age and that her death was especially heinous atrocious and cruel. Apparently that isn’t good enough for this defense team. In the motion filed it was stated, “The state failed to provide any indication of the evidence it intends to rely on to prove the existence of these aggravating factors.”  Judge Perry ruled that the state has complied with his order so he denied their request.

The defense also asked the judge to reconsider earlier motions and rulings that were made when Judge Stan Strickland was presiding over the case, which include a recorded interview of Joe Jordan a volunteer for Texas Equusearch who illegally recorded a conversation he had with a defense investigator without the investigators consent. The prosecution argues that it would violate the law if they listened to the recording, so it has not been made available to the defense.

The defense team seems to think this recording can help their case when trying to prove Caylee’s body was placed where it was found after Casey was arrested.  Judge Perry agreed with the prosecution and denied the request.

The defense also wanted access to the grand jury testimony made by George Anthony. Judge Perry agreed with Judge Strickland’s ruling on this and denied this request as well.

Bozo, oops I mean Baez whined to Judge Perry that he is still waiting on a list of law enforcement tips that date back to before Caylee’s remains were found. Linda Drane Burdick from the prosecution told the judge that they are available for the price of $1600. (What about the evidence we are waiting on that the defense team claimed they had that could prove Casey Anthony was innocent. We have never received that information either even though they were given a deadline to present it)

Judge Perry told Bozo to make a public records request and use the public money that he approved of for the defense to pay for the documents.

It appears that Judge Perry is tiring of the little games Bozo likes to play because he told the attorney’s, “Let’s get it done. You’ve been working on this case for nearly two years. There are deadlines. It comes a time when as close as to as possible all the work needs to be done.”

So in all I would say these wannabe dream team are still kicking themselves for getting Judge Strickland removed from this case. Although I consider Judge Perry as being very fair in this case, I am sure days like today didn’t exactly go like they were hoping it would have gone.

So until they come up with another reason to appear before the judge, we just have to wait. I am sure one day this case will finally go to trial and hopefully they will find Casey Anthony guilty of murdering her precious daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony. Hang in the Caylee, hopefully you will eventually get the justice you deserve. God bless you hon!

Jan Barrett

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