In July a 911 call was made in Orlando Florida from a grandmother that was in a panic. This grandmother’s name was not known to the public in any way. Her name, Cindy Anthony was not to be expected to get a special response from, like say if she called and said she was Michelle Obama or Oprah Winfrey that would cause a panic from the world. Instead it was a worried grandmother that was reporting her 2 year old granddaughter, Caylee Anthony missing. Now OK in the world today as sad as it may be, this is news but it isn’t uncommon.

So what made this call so unusual? I would think that the fact that the child’s mother, Casey Anthony, knew her precious little girl had been missing for 31 days and hadn’t bothered to report her missing. She had other things to take care of like, going on shopping sprees spending someone else’s money at Target and renting movies with her boyfriend not to mention pole dancing, and dancing at the nightclub called Fusion in Orlando along with her friends. Life just went on for Casey Anthony even though her little girl was no longer around.

A search went out to locate little Caylee. People flew to Orlando from all over the country to help look for Caylee. The grandparents, George and Cindy Anthony were insisting that Caylee was alive and got downright rude to those that were looking for a dead Caylee. Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch caught hell from Cindy when he had come to the conclusion that this child was no longer alive.

When numerous search parties came and went no one had the luck in finding the baby girl. Not until December 11, 2008. An Orlando County meter reader decided to relieve himself in the woods only 15 houses down the street from George and Cindy Anthony’s home. While there he happened to spot a garbage bag and when he kicked it a child’s size skull rolled out. Once the police were notified a team was sent out and investigators took days searching for what was left of a child’s body, piece by piece that was scattered over this large area of land which was later identified as Caylee Marie Anthony.

Now the same man, Roy Kronk has found himself involved into more legal stuff than I am sure he ever thought he would be in his lifetime. It’s been reported that Roy Kronk’s salary comes out to be $11 an hour and the attorney fees he is forced to have charges $225 an hour for his services. Now I was never good at math but Kronk would have to work a little more than 20 hours to pay for one hour of his attorney’s fees and who knows how many hours this case will take. Even if the man didn’t have any living expenses of his own he would have to work hours and hours to pay the fees his attorney is charging him.

The TV Guy says the county agreed to pay $10,000 to Kronk to help him deal with the media, but now he is asking for an additional $2500 to help him prepare for the criminal case. The Orange County Commission is expected to make a decision on this request tomorrow.  WFTV’s legal analyst Bill Sheaffer says that for a county to pay the legal bills for someone who is just considered a witness is unusual. Normally he says the State Attorney’s Office would step in instead of a private attorney handling the case.

I wonder sometimes if Roy Kronk has thought to himself if all this was worth finding that child’s remains. He has gone through the ringer for doing a good deed IF that is the way it really happened. Some suspect that he is involved with the Anthony’s but I guess we won’t find out until this goes to trial. And even then we may never know the truth.

Everyone says Casey is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. I read where someone made the statement that we are not a court of law, we are the public and here in America there we are allowed to form our own opinions so I am only voicing my opinion.

In MY OPINION Casey Anthony is as guilty as sin and yes I do hope she gets the death penalty. That baby’s remains (yes George I called it her remains once again) was found as though she was garbage. Casey threw her away like she was only garbage and went on with her life and was enjoying her freedom. I have this one question that is eating at my mind though.

If Casey Anthony was really innocent in this as she says, as in she was scared to say anything because she feared Caylee’s life, her own life or even that of her parents or brother’s lives, how could she go on as if nothing happened? How could she possibly have no emotions? How could she not stay at home at night and cry her eyes out while worrying? How could she think more of herself than her missing daughter? Even if she told us the truth about her daughter being kidnapped, why would she want to go out and party afterwards? If it was me and I was threatened in that way, partying would be the last thing I would want to be doing. (OK that was more than one question but still I’d like answers to them)

I long for the day that Caylee Anthony gets the justice she rightfully deserves and for that to happen I think her mother will have to pay for her death and now I also believe her grandparents should have to pay for their part in covering all this up just to protect the one person that killed the granddaughter that they loved so dearly.

God Bless you Caylee!

Jan Barrett

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