One would think that after all this time searching for this precious 2 year old child (unfortunately we can’t say she was three because she was murdered before her third birthday) that once she was found the family would be anxious to lay her to rest right away. Well normal families might think this way but we all know the Anthony family is anything but normal.

Caylee’s remains lie in the morgue waiting for the second autopsy to be done before they can give her a proper burial. I would be demanding to put this child in her final resting place right now, the hell with waiting on Casey’s attorney, Jose Baez. With his track record he will probably decide not to even want an autopsy after making them wait for weeks.

Now there has been some problems with where little Caylee’s remains were found. Apparently a video taken in November has surfaced from an investigator that worked for the Anthony’s, showing the area that Caylee was found and they say her remains were not there at the time. Now law enforcement wants to talk to the investigator and Baez is all bent out of shape over this worrying that the man will tell law enforcement something that he knows that Baez considers privileged information. Baez said he hired Dominic Casey on July 28 as an investigator and the service between the two of them was terminated on October 1. After that Dominic Casey was hired by George and Cindy Anthony to help find their granddaughter. 

Baez is whining to the courts that since prosecutors will not let him be present when questioning Dominic Casey, so he wants the court to order a special master to sit in on any questioning between the investigators and the private investigator that he had once hired to look for Caylee but the judge has refused to rule on it outside of a court room, saying that there will have to be a hearing before he makes a decision.
Now I am no fool. I would say this sounds like Baez is afraid some little hidden secrets that his defense team has could come out. Perhaps they have known all along that Caylee was dead and were just trying to set some sort of diversion to buy them time to come up with a good story. Or maybe Baez or the Anthony’s hired the private detectives to remove the body long enough to take the video and then replace her where she was to make it look like law enforcement has done something wrong. Personally I think Baez is just that devious. Then again all this is only my opinion.

There has been speculation that the news of this video could hurt the prosecutor’s case but personally I think it would be right opposite. I would think this would put less credibility on the defense. Once they put the pieces of the video’s shot from the jail where Casey talks to her family during their recorded visits one can see it is quite obvious that there was code talking and Casey kept telling them she felt it in her gut that Caylee was close to home. Having this video being shot in the exact same spot where Caylee’s remains were found and with the video being taken by private investigators working for the Anthony’s should tell you something. It looks to me like someone there knew where Caylee was all that time and I would say it wasn’t law enforcement.

Meanwhile George and Cindy Anthony’s attorney Brad Conway is insisting that the Anthony’s be given immunity before he allows them to speak with authorities again. He claims they wouldn’t likely say anything to get them into trouble with the law but he wants them to feel free to speak without having to worry about being prosecuted. Now this surely sounds to me like they have something to hide. They sound like they are finally ready to talk but only if they can be guaranteed that what they say won’t be held against them. I have my ideas of what they might have in mind of saying but I will keep those thoughts to myself for now.

I’d like to ask that you all say a prayer for our friend Sean Krause to help fight his battle with cancer. And as always please say a prayer for all the missing children that need to be found. There are so many out there that we never hear about. God Bless the children and you!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Jan Barrett

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