More pages of documents on the missing child, Caylee Anthony have been released to the public. Caylee’s mother Casey Anthony is in jail held on charges of first degree murder in the Orange County Jail.

These documents reveal that there were searches made on March 17 on Casey’s computer on “how to make chloroform,” “neck breaking” and “shovel”. There were also searches for “alcohol” “acetone,” “peroxide,” “hydrogen peroxide,” “death,” and “weapons out of household products.”

They do not know for sure that who made the actual search but it has been determined that Cindy Anthony, Casey’s mother was at work at the same time these searches were done.

A sheet of paper was found in Casey’s car with Casey Anthony’s name written on it in several variations only it had the last name written as “Lazzaro” instead of Anthony. Casey’s boyfriend when Caylee went missing was Tony Lazarro. In the documents it states that Tony said he had told Casey that if he ever would start a family he would want to have boys not girls

Circuit Judge Stan Strictland denied the request for a gag order in this case. The state attorney had requested the gag order to prevent the prosecutors, defense lawyers, Orange County investigators and the Anthony family from talking about the case but yesterday they agreed to not include the Anthony family in the request.

Casey Anthony’s lawyer, Jose Baez has accused the state of leaking out a lot more information but Orange County Assistant State’s attorney detailed several national televised appearances that Baez himself made that was intended to influence jurors. He says to let this continue would make it virtually impossible to find an impartial juror in the state of Florida.

“There’s a lot of hot air, but not a whole lot of law,” said Baez about Ashton’s presentation. He says the first Amendment prohibits the government from ordering people what to say except in a case where there is clear and present danger. Ashton came back and said that a Florida Supreme Court ruling that says a judge could impose the order for good cause, not just danger. Judge Strictland threw out the subpoenas for several TV reporters. As both sides argued things got heated up in court Judge Strictland had to tell off both sides. “This is enough,” Strictland said. “Someone’s facing life imprisonment. Let’s act like we’re suppose to”

In a press conference George and Cindy Anthony spoke out about what they thought about the FBI video’s that were released. They claim they felt like they had been ambushed. They told reporters that they didn’t even know they were being videotaped and had no idea the tapes were being released until they saw in on the local news on TV. How can George say he didn’t know they would be taped when he is an ex-cop. They all know this. Did he think he would be exempt?

They say this proves that investigators are not looking for Caylee anymore. She says instead they are just interested in building a case against their daughter, Casey. The videotapes revealed that according to George’s own statements that he smelled that odor in the car and he described it as a distinct odor, that’s something you don’t forget. “I believe that something was in the back of that trunk. I don’t want to believe that it was my granddaughter,” George Anthony said in the videotapes talking to the FBI.

He also admitted that his daughter had lied. “Is my daughter not telling the truth? Yeah,” he said. “She knows a lot more than what’s going on. Has she completely blanked this out or is she just trying to cover up something that might have gone wrong? That’s possible.”

Listening to these tapes you can hear it in George’s voice that in his heart he knows Casey has done something even though he doesn’t want to believe it. George seems as though he is torn between his wife and daughter and his granddaughter and doesn’t know who he should stand by. If he stands by his wife and daughter then he would be betraying his granddaughter and if he stands by Caylee he will lose his wife and daughter.

It is a tough situation for anyone to be in and I wouldn’t want to trade places with him at all, although I have raised my kids to be honest. I have always taught them to tell the truth no matter what the cost. I know in my heart that if this were my child and I thought they had done harm or that they were involved in harming one of my grandchildren I would have to stand by them but not lie for them to cover up what they did. There is a difference.

I want to say that tomorrow will be a very sad day for the Anthony’s. It is Thanksgiving and even though I have my own opinion of the Anthony’s and this case no one should be going through this at all especially during the holidays. I ask that everyone stop and say a prayer for this family, no matter how hard your hearts are towards them. If nothing else pray that they find peace and once they find that peace maybe they can face reality.

I am saying a prayer for them and one for Caylee. She is the one that has been deprived her life. Even if she is alive somewhere like the Anthony’s want to believe this little girl has still been torn from her family. I agree that they might not be the best, but they were her family and it was clear that she loved her grandparents. She was ripped away from them and now everyone hurts from it. All because of one little spoiled brat that sits in the Orange County Jail getting served three meals a day but desserts if she wants them. She is the woman that is in jail and being treated like she is a celebrity. She should be given a toothbrush daily and some comet and made to clean the women’s bathrooms and showers in the jail and make her work from daylight to dawn and fed bread and water until she told the truth.

Happy Thanksgiving Caylee, where ever you are. When I sit down to eat tomorrow I will say a little prayer for you again. God bless you sweetheart.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you that has opened your hearts to Caylee Anthony. God Bless you all!

Jan Barrett

Editor’s note: I also would like everyone to say a special prayer for one of our regulars in the comment section here, Kris. She is having surgery Friday and I am sure she would welcome all the prayers she can get have a speedy recovery afterwards. May God be with you Kris, I know he will be holding your hand. My prayers are with you.

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