Hardly an hour passes without CNN or sister station HLN making mention of the sad case of dead Florida tot Caylee Anthony. Tot mom is cooling her heels in jail, which likely is the best place for her. After all, she is the only viable suspect.

Casey’s lead attorney is Jose Baez, a gentleman that does not seem to garner much respect from any quarter. There have been numerous rumblings and mumblings about his legal and personal antics.

A new report came out today that one of his ex clients is less than happy with Jose Baez and the way he handled his one and only murder trial to date. Nilton Diaz (31) was convicted of murder and sentenced to 15 years. In papers filed today, there are some interesting allegations against Jose Baez. The Orlando Sentinel says:

In documents seeking a new trial and other post-conviction relief, Diaz said “…Mr. Baez wanted to surprise the prosecution, and the surprise blew up in the defense’s face.”

Citing “defectiveness”  Diaz is angling for a retrial. And I am sure that he has some valid arguments.

I did not follow the Diaz story, so I cannot make any useful comments about it. However my wife Jan and I have been following the Caylee Anthony case with a microscope.

The big difference between these two cases, at least in my mind, are that with Diaz no one cared what Jose did, with Caylee Anthony there is a whole lot more scrutiny of what our illustrious attorney Jose Baez has been doing.

I am not an attorney, (I had no wish to sell my soul to the devil), but I have followed enough cases to figure out the general rules of engagement. I realize that different judges use different styles. I can think of no instance where a judge has ruled that the accused ‘must’ be present at all pre-trial hearings.

In my mind there is only one reason. Neither the judicial system, nor the prosecution are willing to give Casey Anthony the opportunity of appealing the inevitable guilty verdict on the basis that she was not aware of her attorneys actions.

The litany of transgressions by Baez has obviously raised some red flags with the powers that be.

We are still months away from going to trial, which I think is sad. By the time this case does go to court the sad case of Caylee Anthony will have long been forgotten by the general public.

We here at Blogger News Network have done our best to keep this this story at the forefront, and we will follow it to its conclusion. I am sure that there is a lot more to this story that has yet to be revealed.

Blogger News Network will be running our regular talk radio show about both the Caylee Anthony and Haleigh Cummings cases on Sunday at 3PM Central, and once again Florida based news radio Sky 97.3 reporter TJ Hart will be joining us.

Full details tomorrow.

Simon and Jan Barrett


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