Orlando Police have received new help in their search for Caylee Anthony, who turned 3 years old Saturday according to foxnews.com. A team of psychic detectives that call themselves “Body Hunters” is led by a psychic detective, Gale St. John. They are going to drive around Central Florida in hopes of picking up some sort of sense of Caylee’s whereabouts. Gale St. John is a well known psychic that has appeared on shows such as “Larry King Live,” “Court TV” and “Discovery.”

“We will not even look at street names,” said Gale St. John when talking to Fox News. “We drive and go completely on feeling instinct, chasing down what we call a person signature.”

Meanwhile Caylee’s mother sits comfortably (I am sure) in jail while being held on a $500,000 bail bond on charges on child neglect, failing to report her daughter’s disappearance right away, and for lying to the police when questioned about the case. An appeals court has denied a motion to lower the bond once again Monday. The 5th District Court of appeals in Daytona Beach on Monday denied Casey’s motion for a rehearing. The motion was sealed.

Casey has refused to see her brother and her parents but there has been a new visit scheduled for brother, Lee Anthony this week as well as for the parents, George and Cindy Anthony Thursday. No one knows if Casey will see them then or not. “I’d like to see her but if she doesn’t want to see us, that is her prerogative,” said Cindy Anthony. “I’m sure she has her reasons. You always want to see your child but then again, I’s sure she had her reasons.”

Local 6 is reporting that they have learned that the police are expecting to be using a new technology to test air samples taken from Casey’s car. The police were led to believe that there were signs of decomposition in the trunk of the car when the cadaver dogs were brought in. The dogs also picked up the scent in the Anthony’s back yard while searching for clues about Caylee’s disappearance. This new type of testing is called The Body Farm and it is run by the anthropology department at the University of Tennessee. A researcher at The Body Farm has developed an artificial nose and it is supposed to be able to sniff out evidence of human decomposition and decay. They say it works by recognizing compounds found in the air where decomposition occurs.

According to wftv.com the investigators searching for Caylee received a top involving a suspicious smell in a wooded area along Narcoosee Road, Monday but after searching they couldn’t find anything. Someone had called in reporting the smell of decomposition in the wooded area which is not far from the Anthony’s home. It was determined that the smell came from a dead dog that they found.

George and Cindy Anthony have hooked a billboard on a trailer to the back of their car and have hit the streets to see if they can get help in finding their granddaughter. The billboard shows a picture of Caylee along with her description and a phone number to call if anyone has seen her. The Anthony’s say they will drive for as long as it takes to bring Caylee home. They say the search will continue even though Casey is refusing to see them.

 None of us know if little Caylee Anthony will be found alive or not, well with the exception of some. I hope I am wrong but I feel that Casey knows exactly where that precious little girl is. All we can do is pray that where ever she is that she is not hurting. In my heart I know she is surrounded by angels.

Jan Barrett

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