Alas our panel was a ‘man down’ this week, and I think I speak for all of us here at Blogger News in wishing Sean Krause a speedy recovery, we miss your acerbic wit!

It was as always a lively discussion. Maybe the most interesting aspect of a talk radio show are the callers. This week we had some great callers, with some great questions. maybe the best came from a caller who brought up the subject of Jose Baez and the use of his Lap Top computer. Baez whined about his need to have it when visiting Casey Anthony, and going against established principals in the Florida jail systems, he has been bringing in his portable computer. More than one listener called in on this subject, “is she able to use it?’ one caller asked. I would think not. But I am not part of the inner group that would know the answer.

Lee Anthony has moved back in with mom and dad. I have to ask why? Is he just homesick? I doubt that.

We also have the mysterious video, is there a video of the site where the remains were found? This video was supposed to blow the doors off the case, yet, it has strangely, or maybe not so strangely disappeared.

If you missed the show, fear not, we have a link to the audio.

Simon Barrett

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