Last week more documents were released in the Caylee Anthony murder case. Casey Anthony, Caylee’s mother is being held in the Orange County Jail on charges of first degree murder of her 2 year old daughter. All evidence links back to the 22 year old mother even though she claims she is innocent as does her family.

In the midst of these documents a video was released that some seem to think makes Casey look like the ideal mother. In fact a legal expert seems to think that these videos could actually help Anthony’s case. “It absolutely increases her chances of getting a fair trial,” said criminal defense attorney Richard Hornsby.

He claims the video of Casey with Caylee in front of the camera and another one showing Anthony in the mirror behind the camera could help give perspective jurors a much more positive image of Casey Anthony.

The video had been posted on Anthony’s MySpace and Facebook accounts a few months ago and people that had access to those accounts got hold of them. A blogger got hold of them and posted them on YouTube and she thinks that the video doesn’t show Casey as a loving mother. She disagrees with what some are saying about the video making Casey look more like a devoted mother. The blogger who didn’t want to give out her name said she posted them online mainly to keep them from being sold to raise money for the Anthony’s defense fund.

“I certainly don’t see a loving mother when I watch the videos of Casey playing with Caylee,” said the blogger on a post dated Saturday on Momtective. “To me Casey looks very uncomfortable. Kind of like she’s trying not to break a nail, muse her hair or smudge her make-up”

The video was originally found by another member of which is a popular forum on crime, back in September 2008.

OK I looked at this video and I have to agree with the blogger. Only to me Casey looked like she was only doing the video with Caylee because her mom wanted her to. Casey didn’t sound like she was having fun. At least not like one would think someone playing with their daughter would be having. We all know how Cindy Anthony seems to give out the orders in her family. Perhaps she made Casey be in the video to make it look like she was the loving mother in exchange for babysitting or something that night so Casey could go out partying. It just didn’t look to me like she was doing the video because she wanted to, but of course this is only my opinion.

I guess one day in the future we will find out what a juror will think. I pray that they can see right through this woman and bring justice for little Caylee by finding her murderer guilty and thrown behind bars for life without ever having a chance of freedom again.

Jan Barrett

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