We all know about the Caylee Anthony case where this precious 2 year old was murdered and her remains were found almost 6 months later from the last day she was reported seen alive. Now yes we hear about children being murdered every day but this baby’s body was stuffed inside a laundry bag and then inside a plastic trash bag and dumped in the woods less that a quarter of a mile from the Anthony’s home in Orlando. And to make matters worse they found duct tape across the mouth on the skull that was found. This baby was thrown away like she was just garbage.

Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony has been arrested and held in jail without bond since a Florida grand jury handed down an indictment for first degree murder on her. We have seen fights among the press with the family, we have seen fights with the family and the public in Orlando, hell we have even seen the Anthony’s fighting with lawyers. Why is it always the Anthony’s fighting with everyone? Something is wrong with this picture.

Now the state has decided to go after Casey with the death penalty on the table. Well this would mean that the big bad Jose Baez will not be qualified to be head attorney in a case seeking the death penalty.

I guess Baez doesn’t want to give up this position too easily because apparently the Miami attorney that he brought onto the case, Terence Lenamon has revealed that he and  Baez clashed over how to defend Casey. OK now I am no professional here, but the way I see this is that in the state of Florida Jose Baez is clearly NOT qualified to be lead attorney on a case seeking the death penalty so how come he has any say in this anyway. How can he tell Lenamon how to present this case? He needs to sit down and shut up and let an expert do his job.

“I was brought in originally to try to get the state not to seek the death penalty,” said Lenamon to Nancy Grace on her show on Tuesday which was aired on Headline News. “I put a comprehensive package together. And in December, I withdrew from the case. Prior to me withdrawing, I had some significant disagreements with Mr. Baez about what I believe the approach to the case should be. Nevertheless I withdrew from the case.”

Lenamon says he and Baez talked again after the state decided to put the death penalty on the table. He told Nancy Grace, “But he has decided to go with somebody else I guess.”

According to Baez’s spokeswoman he will be introducing a death qualified attorney later in the month. I guess he is going through a long list of possible attorneys and I am sure there are plenty with qualifications but I guess he has to depose each of them before hiring them to make sure they would handle the case ONLY the way he wants to in order to bring them aboard. Well hell he has deposed everyone else, why not new members for his ‘Nightmare Team.”

Lenamon explained that he and Baez disagreed on how he wanted to handle the case. “We had a difference in what I believed should have been the approach which I think mental health related.” Lenamon had given a report to the prosecutors in November explaining why he didn’t think Casey fit the state’s criteria for the death penalty. He said, “After Caylee was born, people noticed a different person. Her spending, bad check writing and multiple unstable relationships indicate episodes of extreme emotional disturbance.”

I almost choked when I read that. I could tell right away that this was someone that had never had a child before. You show me one woman that has given birth that hasn’t changed. I don’t think there are too many women alive that can say at one time or another that they didn’t frustrated at one point or another. I can’t tell you how many times I used the words, “Calgon Take Me Away!”  I don’t think that is a sign of having mental problems. Let them go through childbirth and they wouldn’t like being accused of having mental problems once the baby gets out of that sleeping all the time stage. And yes women that get frustrated do still love and protect their babies with their lives, well most do anyway.

I understand that George and Cindy Anthony will be a guest again tonight on CNN’s Larry King’s Show. I doubt very seriously if I will even watch this show. Watching the Anthony’s does tend to ruin my appetite. For those of you that want to listen to them watch out if they throw in a pitch for the Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation if you want to send in a donation. It says donations can be made by paypal or you can send a check to them personally at their home address made out to the foundation which they personally CAN cash because they supposedly own the foundation. But wait, oops the paypal button is broken and unavailable at this time so to donate you must send it directly to those hot little hands of Cindy Anthony.

It is a shame that these people didn’t make all these efforts to try and save Caylee before their monster daughter took her life. How could anyone side with a monster like Casey over that precious little innocent child? I honestly don’t understand. If she had been my granddaughter I would have kicked Casey out long before I would have allowed her to hurt her. I would have protected that child with my own life. They could help her receive justice for all this now at least but will they, hell no they won’t. Instead they choose to defend their murderous daughter. Where is the justice?  It is so sad.

Caylee America is still around waiting for justice to be served in your honor honey. We will be your voice to fight for it for you. God bless you!

Jan Barrett

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