An anonymous tip led police into the home of an innocent family today looking for the missing Caylee Anthony which ended up being a false lead. The police say that they had to risk it though just to be sure.

The deputies swarmed into the home of Wayne and Kim Tupper in Volusia County Florida which is about an hour’s drive from where the Anthony’s live. The Tupper’s daughter has an amazing resemblance to the missing Caylee and she even shares the same first name only they spell hers with a K as in Kaylee.

Wayne Tupper told Eyewitness News that about five deputies came in and asked to see his daughter. “So I’m waking her up, ‘Kay-kay, wake up’ and the the last thing I said was ‘Kaylee,” said Wayne.

The Tupper’s showed the detectives family photos and her birth certificate to prove she was their daughter and not little Caylee that has been missing.

It seems as if the Tupper’s completely understood the situation. Kim said, “If it was our daughter, I would expect them to do the same, but they are doing their jobs. They say they are most frustrated by the Anthony’s accusations that authorities aren’t looking for Caylee. Kim says their experience proves otherwise.

Wednesday George Anthony accused the press of paying the protesters to stand outside his home and protest. “You guys are paying them to be here, I know that,” George said. When i read that I thought about how sure he was when he made the statement that they knew who had Caylee and they were being watched right then. I wonder if this man actually believes what he blurts out to reporters.

Michelle Meredith of WESH- Channel 2 said, “You could tell by his face that he was not having a great day, but when he started talking he left no doubt.”

Mike DeForest of WKMG-Channel 6 said, “For the record, we are not paying protesters.” Anchor Bob Frier repeated the same thing.

DeForest pointed out that the protesters aren’t around when Casey Anthony isn’t home. He said that the protesters have different reasons for being there, from putting pressure on the family to simply wanting to appear on TV.

911 calls made by Casey Anthony was released after she complained about protesters throwing rocks at their home and attacking her parents. “There are protesters still outside of our home,” Casey Anthony initially told a 911 operator during a 1:30 a.m. call. It was the second call Thursday morning from the Anthony home concerning the protesters.

We already called about an hour and a half ago and it took officers 30 minutes to get here,” Anthony said. “The protesters are now banging on our garage door and they’ve still been throwing things at our windows and our garage and now the media is here. My father is going outside and there is going to be a fight. So, please can you send people down here? There is now a physical altercation. You need to send vehicles immediately.”

What gets me about this part is how she demands that the police come immediately. How does she have the nerve to ask them for help from the police to protect her and her family when she doesn’t left a finger to help them in finding her own daughter. People talk about her rights to be out of jail but what about little Caylee’s rights to live a happy life. There is no doubt in my mind that Casey Anthony knows much more than what she is telling and her parents are covering for her to protect her now but no one is talking.

How dare anyone in this family criticize the authorities about how they are conducting their investigation in Caylee missing! When you don’t cooperate with them in finding her what can they expect. They are only mad because the law won’t do it their way. I still think that they wanted to steer them away from searching because they feared they were getting too close to finding her and then they would lose their precious brat too.

Personally if Casey Anthony would be my daughter, I would have kicked her out by now. I would not let her get away with the things she has done to her family in all of this. I have to sons and neither of them would treat me the way Casey treats Cindy and I love both of my kids dearly.

Now they have the Guardian Angels guarding their home and early Friday morning someone pulled out a Taser gun. While Orange County sheriff’s deputies patrolled the streets, the Guardian Angels arrived and stood back to back in front of the Anthony home.

The people’s rights out here are being violated. The Guardian Angels’ purpose is to keep communities safe. That’s it,” a Guardian Angels representative said.

Some words were exchanged between people in the car and the neighbors. Subsequently, neighbors said a Taser was pulled out. It wasn’t utilized, but it was activated. The car sped off,” Lt. Larry Spahn said. The Guardian Angels did chase after the car and they made contact with the people in the car a few blocks away and another confrontation took place after that but no arrests were made. It wasn’t said as to how long the Guardian Angels plan on staying at the Anthony home.

I know I wouldn’t want to be the Anthony’s and I wouldn’t want to be in their situation but let’s face it, they put themselves in this position. They went to the media to get as much coverage as they could get and now that they have it they can’t handle it and are complaining about it. Cindy wanted her face on every major network and she got it. At first they were out there physically looking for their granddaughter but as soon as Casey got o0ut of jail, the physical part stopped so they could be home and babysit the brat. Then they have the nerve to demand that the public go out there and find Caylee.

Well I guess I could be wrong in all of this but I still thinks the whole family knows what happened to Caylee now. If they didn’t know before I would be willing to bet they do now. How could they live under the same roof with Casey this long and her not talk to them about what happened? What do they talk about? The weather? Or maybe who won the Mr. Universe contest?

They expect us to believe that the subject is never discussed. Well I don’t believe that. All we heard about before she was released from jail was how they had to get her out of jail so she could help them find Caylee. Well Casey has been in jail and released three times and she is still not looking for Caylee. Exactly when is she going to start?
Caylee, where ever you are, please know that America hasn’t forgotten you and neither has the police. God Bless you sweetheart where ever you are.

Jan Barrett

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