Caylee Marie AnthonyTonight on The Nancy Grace Show the newest developments in the Caylee Anthony case were discussed. Aspects of the long awaited DNA test results are beginning to surface. They clearly state that the hair sample found in Casey Anthony’s car trunk were from either Caylee Anthony or her mother, Casey Anthony. The most damning aspect is that these early results are that they are showing signs of decomposition. Decomposition is a big word for death!

These results are being reported after yesterday’s confirmation of the air test samples tested at the University of Tennessee’s Forensic Anthropology Facility called the “Body Farm” which shows that there was definitely signs of decomposition in the trunk of Casey’s car. The cadaver dogs signaled the same findings in the trunk when they were brought to the car.

The tow truck driver made a statement that when he picked the car up and towed it to his yard it had the same smell that a car he had previously picked up that had a man that had committed suicide in. He said when George Anthony picked the car up he told him about the odor but George made no comment about it.

Now suddenly after these test results have hit the media, Cindy Anthony has changed her tune. A reporter asked her what she thought of the latest developments in this case. She told the reporter that there were no new developments. When asked about the smell in the car she denied smelling anything in the car right away, claiming it smelled about a week later. She then said she spoke to the tow truck driver and he told her that he didn’t notice the smell when he towed the car away. She says he told her it was a few days later after it had been towed to his yard. She is still sticking to the story she said about it being from the pizza, which she came up with after she realized what she said could be incriminating for her precious brat.

Now this is a total contradiction on Cindy’s part. She clearly told the 911 operator that there was a smell like a dead body in the damn car. Cindy it is kind of late to change your story now since you were clearly caught on tape saying it

Now we focus once again on The Bounty Hunter, Leonard Padilla. He and his nephew, Tony Padilla were guests on the show tonight. Jane asked Leonard does he plan on revoking Casey’s bond. He says yes they are. Her next question was when. He said Saturday. She asked him why wait until Saturday. He claims it is because Casey has this big meeting with her attorney, Jose Baez, on Friday and he doesn’t want them to say he sent her back to jail before she had the chance to talk to her lawyer. Jane told him what’s wrong with her talking to him while she is in jail.

A reporter asked Cindy Anthony what she thought about her daughter going back to jail. She specifically told the reporter that her daughter was not going anywhere. After that
Leonard Padilla was asked point blank if there was a chance that Cindy Anthony can talk him out of sending Casey back to jail. His answer was “Absolutely not.”  Jane remarked,
“Cindy if you are listening to this, you heard it here first.”

Today Cindy Anthony went to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office along with Tim Miller, who is the head of a nationally known search group called EquuSearch from Texas. The search and recovery team are on their way to Orlando to assist in the search for little Caylee. Unfortunately this is a group that is primarily involved in recovering bodies rather than finding people alive. The group claims that it was Cindy Anthony that
Called them and asked them to help her find her granddaughter, Caylee.

The group has a 25 member team and they are expected to arrive in Orlando on Friday. They are on their way in a mobile command center which is basically a big RV hauling ATV’s.

There are a lot of different opinions about this case. Some feel sympathy for the grandparents and some don’t. I think most people agree that Casey Anthony is guilty here, perhaps not of first degree murder but even if this was an accident that cost Caylee her life, it has been covered up and there is no good reason that this should have happened. That alone is a crime. I doubt she did this to her daughter on purpose but the point is she screwed up when she didn’t call 911 when it happened.

We are not supposed to judge someone, I know. But it is really hard when I see Caylee’s picture and then I look at that smirk on Casey’s face in court. It brings out a side in me that I don’t see often and to be honest I don’t like it. I really hope Casey pays dearly for this and I do hope that her mother for sure pays for her part in helping with covering up what that brat has done to that precious child.

Caylee my prayers are still with you sweetheart, where ever you are right now.

Jan Barrett

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