I will never claim to be the perfect mother, but one thing I will claim is that I loved my kids. I remember crying from guilt when I once slapped my son and it left a little red mark. He wasn’t hurt at all, in fact he laughed but I was so hurt because in my mind I had hurt my child. With this in mind I can’t for the life of me understand how someone can deliberately hurt an innocent baby.

I wrote an article this morning about a couple from East Texas that was arrested for beating the woman’s 13 month old daughter to death with a hammer. They claimed they were trying to beat demons out of her. They tried saying the baby was possessed with them.

This morning I read that in Kent, Washington the prosecutors there were preparing to file child abuse charges against a man accused of beating his girlfriend’s 2 year old daughter so bad it put her into a coma. The man, 30 year old Idris Turner was arrested Sunday at the airport where he was trying to catch on a plane. The mother of the child, Trina Washington-Eastland along with Turner brought the baby to the Valley Medical Center in Renton Saturday who is now in a coma in a Seattle hospital.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer and the Seattle Times are reporting that Turner has a history of domestic violence and that the mother has had repeated contact with Child Protective Services in order to guard the toddler.

Turner was quoted as once saying he was going to “beat her father out of her” by a witness that talked to Renton Police.

In another case a 23 year old stepmother, Rosemary Kunz, was arrested in October on charges of abuse and neglect. She is accused of beating a 2 year old boy to near death. She consented to allegations of physical abuse, abandonment and substance abuse without admitting fault in Lee County dependency court this morning.

The child’s father, Shane Lewis, said his son left All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg and flown by helicopter with severe injuries in October. He said his son was released to live at his sister’s house on Thanksgiving. “He’s doing good. He’s doing excellent,” said Lewis after he was in court this morning.

The boy’s mother, Ferhen Matheison, 21 was in court too this morning. The Department of Children of Families has an abandonment allegation against her. She was living in Nevada but she has denied ever abandoning her son. For now she is planning on staying in Florida for, as she puts it, “my baby, and my son”

In another case in Rochester New York a 29 year old man is accused of beating his ex-girlfriend’s 16 month old daughter to death. Abner Gomez was arraigned Tuesday on charges of second degree manslaughter and endangering the welfare of a child in the death of Jasmine Velez. He pleaded not guilty to the charges. The mother of the child had to be removed from the courtroom when she started screaming at Gomez.

Little Jasmine was found dead on November 5th in her mother’s apartment. Investigators found that she had multiple bruises, broken ribs and internal bleeding in her head and chest. According to the police Gomez was taking care of the baby the night before she died. Jasmine was put to bed that night while suffering fatal injuries.

The sad thing is that this is only a small portion of the cases in America alone. Some case we hear about and others are never heard of. The children in these cases didn’t ask for this. They are the innocent ones that were not protected when they needed to be. What is going on in this world? How can anyone possibly hurt an innocent child?

I have been following the Caylee Anthony story from the beginning and I feel so much a part of that little girl’s life even though I never had the privilege to meet her. My biggest fear is that she is no longer with us on this earth. My heart tells me she is with the angels in heaven looking down at us along with the other children that had their lives taken from them by sick people that had no right to be around them to begin with.

Caylee had been missing for 31 days before her mother even reported her missing and even then it was her grandmother that reported it, not her mother. Her mother claims she was kidnapped by the Nanny. OK let’s say that could be true which I for one do not believe but just for grins let’s say she was kidnapped. Waiting for 31 days to report it was such a dumb move. If it is true then that sure gave the kidnappers a huge head start to get out of town with her. If she was kidnapped how come the Anthony’s haven’t made public pleas to the kidnapper to bring Caylee back home instead of going on TV shows aired nationwide to tell the country that Casey, Caylee’s mother, is innocent.

Casey is being held in jail in Orange County, Florida after a grand jury handed down an indictment for first degree murder. So much of this story doesn’t add up and it all points to the Anthony’s and their web of lies that they keep telling.

All this makes me want to ask, who will speak out for these children when they are gone. Who is going to stand up for them and say to the person that took their life that they are going to pay for what they done. When it comes to children I am very sensitive and it makes me so mad when I read articles such as these that I have written about here.

I would like to say a prayer right now for all these helpless children that can’t fight back. I ask the Lord above to protect them from the evil that threatens their life and for justice to be served for those that are gone now. God bless all the children.

Jan Barrett

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