Were it not for the fact that a two year old tot is most definitely dead, the Caylee Anthony case would put a smile on my face. Mother Casey Anthony sits behind bars, which likely is the best place for her. But even having the ‘pole dancing’ and romping around with other other women has not slowed our likely murderer down. She has (at the last check) over $400 in her account at the jail, Twinkies, candies, and other goodies are well within her reach.

In the latest stupidity we have George and Cindy Anthony being deposed in regard to a civil suit brought about by the lady who was unfortunately labeled as Zanny The Nanny, a baby sitter who few think exist in real life. I have my own thoughts about if Zenaida Gonzalez should have launched a law suit. I do know that if I was put in the same position, I would certainly want to lash out, and a law suit seems to make sense.

The Anthony family have circled the wagons. Casey sits in jail, but Mom and Pop of the likely tot killer, rather than help, have hindered. Case in point is the depo today. My goodness, how can people be under oath and talk such rubbish?

Needless to say, BNN will be on the air Sunday at 3PM Central, and we will have a great deal to talk about. The deposition of tot moms parents George and Cindy Anthony revealed little of substance, but lots in background. Cindy Anthony was quite animated at some of the questions posed by the opposition. Oh, and by opposition, I should reiterate, this depo was at the request of a Zenaida Gonzalez and not Law Enforcement.

Having been involved in a couple of law suits I understand the depo system. It is a great way to go fishing without a license. It is a great way to uncover information. I have been friendly and I have been adversarial. The one thing I do know is that acting the way Cindy Anthony did today will come back to bite the defense.

We are going to have a wealth of information to talk about on Sunday!

The other case causing us sleepless nights is Haleigh Cummings. We are on this one, and it will be the other case we talk about. Today is Good Friday, a day when many people avoid eating meat, well we had seafood, and this case is about as fishy as they come! We are all set for a great show.

I am working on the panel, but I can bet we will have Simon & Jan Barrett, Ms Pickles, and Denny Griffin.

Please come an join us at 3pm.

Simon  and Jan Barrett


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