It was another lively hour of radio. Sean Krause was missing from our regular panel, I do hope it was not the result of an article posted on another site that reviled the entire panel and claimed that Sean was the most foul mouthed critter on the Internet? Personally I don’t think Sean would be scared about such a claim. Knowing Sean, he would wear that as a badge of honor.

The rest of the panel consisted of Jan Barrett, Blogger News’ expert on the Caylee Anthony story, and very nice lady (well I am married to her).

Ms. Pickles is a regular commenter on Blogger News, and always offers an interesting perspective.

Las Vegas Crime Writer, Author, and Broadcaster Denny Griffin rounded out the show. Denny is an interesting guy, and he certainly has interesting friends. As he admitted a while back “Three of my five best friends are ex-mobsters”. Denny was also featured in a Las Vegas based magazine recently.

The program kicked off with this weeks top story, the Memorial Service. Jan and I have discussed this several times, in our minds we have real questions as to exactly who was being celebrated. It is clear that we are not alone. The service was supposedly for dead tot Caylee Anthony. Yet the rest of the Anthony’s seemed to use it as an opportunity to laud accused tot killer Casey Anthony. Brother Lee’s use of the CMA reference did not refer to Caylee, but rather accused tot mom killer Casey and mother Cindy. How could anyone do this?

We also explored the ever deepening hole that is the Haleigh Cummings story. This story has more mysteries in it than Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famed Sherlock Holmes would have been stumped! Changing stories, no obvious explanation, just a missing young child and many more questions than answers.

There are also some crossovers between the two cases, George Anthony, and the (in my opinion) somewhat dubious Kidfinders organization have become involved. Favorite bounty hunter Leonard Padilla briefly dangled a $25,000 bait for information, of course the offer has now expired.

If you did not have the opportunity to catch the show live, you can listen to the recording here.

Simon Barrett

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