Caylee Anthony disappeared from the face of the earth in mid June and has not been seen or heard from since. Thousands of people have been searching for her but no one has found her, until one day, December 11, a water meter reading man decided to relieve himself in nearby woods, less than a half a mile from the Anthony home. He seen a black plastic bag and when he moved the bag what he said appeared to be a human skull rolled out. Later when authorities arrived to examine it, they found that duct tape had been placed over the mouth. Now authorities and America are waiting to find out if this could possibly really be Caylee.

What surprises me is that for the first time the mother of Caylee, Casey Anthony’s defense team is not fighting back saying this can’t be her because she is still alive. They are anxiously waiting to hear if the tests show will confirm this is actually Caylee. All the other times when something was found they didn’t even utter a word or show any signs that it possibly could be Caylee. Linda Kenney Baden, the New York attorney that has joined the defense team for Casey Anthony, said that Jose Baez has been told that the measurements of the bones and the color of hair that was discovered in the bag matched those of Caylee’s.

Why is this? Could it be because they know the area this bag was found was thrown over in that area? Could this be why Casey requested a sedative when they gave her the news that the bag had been found because everyone knows it wasn’t for the feeling that her daughter is dead.

Now the grandparents, Cindy and George Anthony are asking for their privacy while they wait for it to be confirmed if the bone and skull do belong to Caylee. Everyone says that they received the news while they were in California checking on another sighting they received as a tip of someone seeing Caylee but that is not the reason they flew to California. They flew there to be a guest on Larry King’s show and decided to check out the tip while they were there. And then they even considered doing another show for him via satellite or phone interview about their reaction to the authorities finding the remains of a child. I am assuming that since that show was cancelled, their new attorney, Brad Conway advised them not to do the second interview.

Sunday there was a press conference with Brad Conway speaking out for the Anthony’s. He stated, “They’re devastated. They’re realistic about the probability that it’s Caylee but they pray that it’s not.” He said they are still holding onto hope that Caylee might still be alive. I don’t have too much sympathy for the Anthony’s anymore but I have to admit if it were my granddaughter missing this is how I would feel too. Deep in my heart I would know it was possible that the remains found would be her but I would be praying that it wouldn’t be. So I can’t blame them for holding onto that little bit of hope.

What irritates me with them is how they stand in front of those cameras and positively state that they know Caylee is alive and that their daughter is innocent. Come on now we all know that what Cindy claimed about her daughter deserving the “Mother of the Year” award is just not so. Casey Anthony is the blame for putting her family through this living hell which could still possibly land all of them behind bars for obstruction of justice before all this is over.

Reporters asked Brad Conway if he thought there was a chance that George and Cindy Anthony would be charged in connection to the crime, he stated that “there’s always something” that the law enforcement could come up with but he claims that the Anthony’s have done nothing wrong. “If they do get charged, we will be prepared to aggressively defend them.”

Michelle Bart announced in the news conference Sunday that Conway would now be the new family spokesman or they will appoint another one later, but she will remain there in Orlando to help the family out. Wow, that would be what, the third spokesperson for the Anthony’s since this all began? Or was there more, I have possibly lost count there.

Meanwhile authorities have still been searching the area that the bag with the skull has been found. A source at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that more bones have been found near the home of Caylee Anthony. They will not give details about the bones found but they are continuing to sift through buckets of dirt and leaves from the wooded area which is less than a half a mile from the Anthony home.

Lee Anthony, Casey Anthony’s brother that has been staying completely out of the spotlight lately was at his parent’s home and appeared to be angry at the memorial of pictures, flowers and stuffed animals left outside the home. When he removed it all to bring it inside he told the people standing outside the home to stay away from his parent’s property.

I have become obsessed with this case and I pray that it will all end soon but I do pray that Casey Anthony does not walk away from this and anyone else that could have been involved in taking the life of this precious little girl. I pray that they all go down with Casey. I have that smug look on her face buried in my mind and when I think of her that is what I see. It is one of those looks that she has that reads out loud that she thinks she is untouchable and she will get out of this. I’d love to be able to wipe that look right off of her face.

If they do find her guilty (which I don’t see how she can get out of this) I think they should put her in a cell with wall paper on the walls with Caylee’s picture everywhere and have a speaker in the room that continuously plays the recording of little Caylee singing “You Are My Sunshine.”  They should make her have to listen to that day and night. She shouldn’t get any special privileges and be given life WITHOUT benefit of parole EVER so she can suffer and the sad part is that still isn’t enough suffering compared to what that child went through.

God bless our little Caylee. You will never be forgotten Caylee. America loves you!

Jan Barrett

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