Caylee Anthony has been missing since mid June and now everyone except for the Anthony’s are saying the little girl is dead. Her mother, Casey Anthony has been named as a suspect now in Caylee’s disappearance. Casey refuses to talk to authorities and won’t tell anyone the truth about what happened to her daughter which is causing a public outcry from many angry citizens.

Equusearch will be returning to start their search once again. Deputy Director of Equusearch Mandy Albritton said, “This case has had such national exposure that I truly believe that if this baby was out there alive, someone would have seen her and brought her home by now. It’s been way too long for a little 3-year old to be missing.”

Another child that I reported about that was missing, five year old Giovanni Gonzalez, has been missing since August 15 when his mother dropped him off for a weekend visit with his father. At the end of the weekend when his mother, Daisy Colon went to pick up her son, she couldn’t get any answer at the door. When she finally contacted the police and they entered the apartment, the child’s father, Ernesto Gonzalez denied even having the child that weekend.

He was arrested and charged with child endangerment and was held on a $500,000 bail. His attorney, Lawrence McGuire, tried getting the bail lowered to $14,000 which is the amount Gonzalez has saved in the bank. The request was denied by Judge Howard Whitehead.

Now I hear this morning that yet another child has come up missing that suddenly disappeared out of the blue Thursday when her mother’s boyfriend took her with him and he stopped at a gas station in Detroit. Jamrul Hussain, told his girlfriend, Nilufa Begum that her two year old daughter, Tangena was in the car with him Thursday night when he stopped at the gas station for a pack of gum. He told the investigators that he left the little girl in the locked car but when he returned she was gone.

Hussain didn’t notify police right away though. He went and picked up Begun from work and told her what happened. Then they returned to the station to search for her but couldn’t find her. Then they called the police. Apparently the gas station does have a video of Hussain at the gas station but it doesn’t show his car there or the little girl.

Hussain was arrested for sexual assault against a minor in an apparent unrelated case. After seeing him on Fox 2 News the victim notified police. He is being interviewed by the police but it is not known if it is about the sexual assault case or about the missing two year old. He was held for 48 hours after Tangena disappeared while police tried to gather any clues they could about her disappearance.

I have a real problem with all these cases with the missing children. Who is protecting these little ones against the bad guys? When the guilty party is arrested and held, I see all the taxpayers money spent to give the arrested ones their “rights” but what about the rights of little Caylee, or Giovanni or Tangena. What about all the other children out there that are missing and never found that just disappear? I would love to name each and every one of them but there are too many so I chose these three. My heart and prayers do go out to each one of them though.

My question is how anyone can harm an innocent child. They can’t possibly defend themselves when attacked. They never asked to be brought into this world. They should not be made to suffer from the hands of some sicko that gets their thrills out of killing children.

To take the life of a child simply because the child was not fitting in with your lifestyle is no excuse. There are way too many childless families in the world today that would be more than happy to take an unwanted child in and raise them as their own and give them a good home. If only these sick people would realize that.

My final words here again are my prayers are with these children. May God Bless each and every one of them.

Jan Barrett

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