It is up to you to draw your own conclusions. As soon as I have more, I will publish.

I am going to take you back to events that happened last year. Suddenly the reward was bumped by $100,000 for Caylee’s safe return by a quote ‘Florida businessman’, some organizations even named him. The name mentioned was one Peter Benevides.

Peter Benevides is an interesting character. Worth a reported $380 million dollars, he is a big dog.

There are some interesting things about this guy. His business interests include an exotic car rental firm, and several aircraft leasing and selling ones.

Let me tell you a story. Lets say someone was selling raffle tickets at $25 each. The prize was an exotic sports car, actually lets say there was a plan to offer three different drawings. The problem is… no one has been verified as winning. That company was Skyview Exotic Cars. The owner of this company is Peter (Pedro) Benevides.

Oh, and the best part about this is that a portion of the proceeds were supposedly going to charity. In fact the tickets actually mention the Never Lose Hope Foundation.

The car (if it exists) was going to be coming from Peter Benevides’ stable. He has quite the stable of exotic cars. Check out the ones he has for rent.

Mentioning the name Peter Benevides seems to be a real conversation killer. Several folks that I know quite well headed for the hills at the mention of the name. Benevides is so hot, people melt. Rumors are wonderful things, I’ll share what I have been told, his folks pack heat, and you basically do not want to mess with Mr Benevides.

Planes and Cars are his main schtick, and a wander around shows that. Peter owns several lucrative operations. At the forefront is the car rental, but the big one is the business jets.

When you play around in the jet interests some really interesting things start to emerge. Peter Benevides is open about being from Venezuela. And there is anecdotal evidence that Pedro is the Spanish spelling of Peter. Indeed there are a couple of corporations registered at the same location as Pedro Benevides.

Is this the same guy that is mentioned here?

So here are some questions, and think long and hard before you answer:

What is in it for Peter?

What has Mark NeJame got to do in this?

Yes i know that I have left NeJame out until this point, but my little friends tell me he has more to say.

No. none of these people were involved in killing Caylee Anthony. They were not the folks responsible for ‘dead body odor’. But what does amaze me is how strange this case has become. A look at South Orange Avenue should excite everyone. Who lives there? Who hangs out there?

There is little doubt in my mind that Peter Benevides is the money guy.

Never Lose Hope Foundation and Kidfinders are saying that the ‘Bat Boat’ was funded by an anonymous source. It would not surprise me to find that Peter Benevides was the person.

Of course the question I have is why would he want to? People do not get rich being nice?

I will add a new element, why would Mark NeJame be involved? NeJame is a class act, he has a great resume. Why would he want to play in this sand box? That is another story.

I will say this, Pedro Benevides has a resume that scares me. More than one person has suggested that in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle I should find a new hobby.

By no means am I done with this story. But for the doubters, I have now named the name!

I can not verify this, but, no one is willing to deny it. Read this, is this the same guy?

Simon Barrett

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