I will say right now, this is not the big story, this is something that fell out from hours and hours of research and needs to be published. Most of this information has already been published, just not in one single place.

The more I look at the Caylee Anthony case the stranger things get. Lets take a look at one of the organizations playing in the sand box, Kidfinders. The founders of this organization are Dennis and Sherri Milstead. Dennis seems to have a fairly colorful past having been arrested for the felony of impersonating a police officer, although he did mange to bargain it down to a misdemeanor, then seven months later he was arrested for assault.

On the civil side he has a pretty impressive list of court cases against him, Ford Credit was on his case, presumably for an auto loan, and a couple of landscaping companies for non payment of invoices, oh non trivial invoices, from the court records they were over $3000 each.

Mr Milstead certainly has a fiery temper that was seen when he took umbrage at a TV reporter.

Now lets turn our attention to their latest endeavor Kidfinders. What does this organization do? Well, to the best of anyones knowledge they have yet to actually find anyone, they raise money and sell T-shirts, moving billboards they call it. They are registered as a charity and as such one would suspect that it would be hard to make a whole lot of cash from an operation like this. One thing is clear, they do have a knack for fund raising. They proved that with the Caylee Anthony T-shirts that George and Cindy Anthony were so proudly wearing day in and day out.

I spent some quality time on the Florida Department Of State – Division Of Corporations web site www.sunbiz.org. Actually I have spent hours on this site, too many to even think about. Investigative reporting is not glamorous, it it hours of running down one way streets.

There is not a lot of information about Dennis Milstead but there are some interesting records about his wife and co-founder of Kidfinders Sherri Milstead.

Three companies in particular (oh they have lots!) caught my eye Gotcha Billboards, The Sign Store, and American Graphics And Sign Shop. I would put a link in to the page, but the site (www.sunbiz.org ) offers only database look ups, but if you search for ‘Milstead, Sherri’ you will find the lovely details. Now, before anyone leaps to any conclusions, I will point out that all of these entities are marked as inactive. However, it does not seem to stretch my imagination much that the Milstead’s likely have the knowledge and equipment to stick images on a T-shirt in a ‘for profit’ fashion. I will let you draw your own conclusions. I have drawn mine.

The Milstead’s are at best bit players in this saga, but they are part of it. They form part of an interesting interrelationship with some bigger fish.

Simon Barrett


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