Before Sean Krause passed away he made some comments to me concerning the Caylee Anthony case. At the time they were somewhat cryptic, and I did not understand what he was referring to. But there is one thing that I do know and that is fiscal forensics are a very powerful tool. The money trail reveals as much as a fingerprint. In fact I have a friend who is a fiscal forensics expert. I am now beginning to see what Sean was talking about. It is a complex puzzle, and I am still working on unraveling one last complex knot.

Much has been made of the computer data, and Nancy Grace loves to have David Lucich on her show. David is a supposed computer forensics expert. Personally I think his book (which I did review) is a pile of doggy do, and we followed up with a less than satisfying interview. Essentially he told me that if I delete files and traces from my own computer I would potentially be breaking the Law! What a crock!

Data on your own computer can be fiddled with. Hell, I reformat my hard drives more often than most people eat out. But financial data is a different beast. It is stored in multiple locations, none of which are available for tinkering with.

The money trail tells the story as eloquently as Shakespeare.

Jose Baez and for that matter, the whole Anthony family have been ducking the awkward financial questions. Everyone seems to be living the high life, yet no one is fessing up to who is footing the bills. Neither George or Cindy Anthony have worked in months, suspected tot killer Casey sits quietly in jail eating Twinkies or whatever else she can order from the commissary.

There is one name that keeps cropping up, connections that certainly gave me pause for thought. We have foot soldiers working on it, and this is going to be big!

Money is a drug, and indeed this link is a drug. Lets take a look at the ‘interested’ parties. Obviously that would include Casey Anthony and her parents George and Cindy Anthony. There is also the question about who is paying Jose Baez and his merry band of people.

I am pretty certain that I know the name of the Money Guy, but I am waiting for some verification.

What I do not understand is why he would keep throwing money at the problem.

Oh and this same one name keeps cropping up. I am not ready to announce it, but I will share this, he has more money than sense, and is linked to the drug trade, likely Jan and I should move when we launch this article and will need to change our names!

Simon Barrett

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