I find it horrifying that some kid would launch an article titled ‘Nietzsche is Dead: Media frenzy over Anthony’s death inappropriate‘, only an over hyper silly young college student could say such a thing. But, Matthew Albright from LSU did decide to publish. One can only hope that he is not headed for a career in the world of news. What I find incredulous is the sheer audacity of this kid. While it may be fine to talk about Nietzsche in his dorm room it is a far cry from the harsh reality surrounding the very sad story of Caylee Anthony.

No doubt young Matthew thinks incorporating Nietzsche into the title is cute, a way to show just how smart he is. Here’s the prob Matt, other than your fellow  ‘expert’ learners no one but your Starbucks crowd have ever heard of the guy. What people do know is that a young girl, Caylee Anthony is dead, a young life snuffed out, as if she was a candle.

Is the media attention on this case inappropriate? I would say yes, should we take Matthews advice? I say a resounding “NO”.

Matthew claims “What actually happened is not appropriate — what should have been a private tragedy was blown into a public spectacle.”

If it was not for the press, it is unlikely that the mother Casey Anthony would be sitting in jail today, just is equally unlikely that Caylee Anthony’s remains would have been found. Was it not for the press, this sad case would be gathering dust in a dark corner of some police office.

I will be the first to admit that the press coverage has created a situation where it will be hard to find a jury that knows nothing about the story. However, the evidence does seem to be compelling. The chances of Casey Anthony experiencing another opportunity to ‘pole dance’ at her favorite Night Club are remote.

Yes, I will admit that I do think she is guilty. My wife Jan is right behind me. I have no idea how many articles have been written about Caylee Anthony, I know that here on Blogger News the number of articles is in excess of 100. The big difference between Blogger News and some school kid, is we actually care!

Matthew, maybe journalism is not for you? But I do hear that there are some great opportunities at McDonalds. I also understand the Mc ‘D’ University only takes a couple of weeks. You could be up and running before you are even missed at LSU.

Simon Barrett


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