The Caylee Anthony case is a very strange place, peppered with strange people. There are certain names that just keep coming up, and one of those names is Michelle Bart. You may remember her as the spokesman for the Anthony family, finally handing the baton to Mark NeJame/Brad Conway. Of course she also had dealings with the rather dubious foundation Kid Finders set up be entrepreneurs Dennis and Sherri Milstead. Digging even deeper she was also linked to another the even stranger Never Lose Hope Foundation, an organization worthy of an entire book about its founding fathers!

Michelle Bart herself runs another organization, Helping Heroes Productions, which as far as I can tell is a ‘for profit’ aimed at servicing non profit organizations. Based on her relationship with the Anthony family, and these various other entities, it has always been very clear what her views on the case are, and which camp she is supporting.

None the less it had appeared that Michelle Bart had moved on from the Anthony story, in fact she has ‘physically’ moved on and currently resides in Washington State. My curiosity was aroused when cruising the internet for news on the Caylee Anthony case when I started to hear whispers that she was back in the game. In fact one rumor that came across my desk was that George and Cindy Anthony were going to be on a Blog Talk Radio show, in fact I was asked if it was our show? No, was the answer, I choose my guests with greater care!

However I did finally track down what had fueled the rumor, out of nowhere Michelle Bart has indeed scheduled a 45 minute show for 5pm July/15, and to quote the show notes:

On our first upcoming show, we will explore the Caylee Anthony autopsy report with a forensic expert and discuss the case that became public knowledge a year ago on July 15, 2008 in Orlando, Florida.

While I doubt very much that any of the Anthony family would dare to take a dip into the murky depths of Blog Talk Radio, I am curious as to the reasoning behind this program, also the guest list.

What I do know is that I can smell ‘spin’, but I cannot put my finger on what the spin could be. The autopsy report while not the smoking gun we had hoped it to be, does contain information that is detrimental to the defense, that duct tape for example, the prosecution is likely going to use this to establish the likelihood that the tape was used prior to death. That is pretty damning if Casey Anthony is found guilty.

My wife Jan also discovered a rather curious blog that links Michelle Bart to the Anthony family on another subject. Again it makes no sense, why would Bart be talking to MySpace, rather than attorney Brad Conway?

There is a smell in the air, and it is not cherry blossom.

Simon Barrett

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