The defense team of Jose Baez and his rag tag team of ‘unpaid’ experts (that apparently are being paid with tax payers dollars) are likely out celebrating the fact the motion filed last Friday to get Judge Strickland removed from the case has been agreed to. A sillier and more detrimental move for the defense I can not think of, but Judge Strickland has granted their wish. He has removed himself from the case.

What I find amazing is the reason, Judge Strickland spoke with a blogger! While it is fine for Baez, Lyons and the rest of the gang to yak till their jaws hurt to any media outlet that will entertain them, it is apparently not OK for the Judge to talk to a very unbiased person who runs a blog.

The blogger in question Dave Knechel was a panelist in our weekly program yesterday. He neither favors the defense nor prosecution. In fact if I had to put a label on him I would say that he leans more to the defense than the prosecution. His website clearly shows his impartiality.

This latest move by the defense has no logic behind it. Strickland has given Baez and his ‘free experts’ far more leeway than most judges would have.

I spoke to Dave Knechel a few minutes ago, he is as surprised as everyone else.

Having been the target of a previous piece of Baez legal rubbish I can share share Dave Kneshell’s confusion. We here at BNN were cited as one of the reasons that Casey Anthony could not get a fair trial in the Orlando area. Short of holding the trial on Mars, I am not sure where Baez thinks he could move the location to where no one had prior information?

All I can do is smirk and say ‘Be careful for what you wish for’.

I am not a fan of Country and Western music, but  a part from the Toby Keith and Willie Nelson song ‘Beer For My Horses’ keeps popping into my mind.

Grandpappy told my pappy, back in my day, son
A man had to answer for the wicked that he done
Take all the rope in Texas
Find a tall oak tree, round up all of them bad boys
Hang them high in the street for all the people to see that

I do suspect that Jose Baez might just have made the biggest mistake of his less than illustrious career.

I think it was pretty clear to anyone that has followed this case that Judge Strickland was doing his utmost to prevent any kind of appeal should a guilty verdict be reached. He has given Baez far more rope than most judges.

I was shocked by the decision, but did find some comfort in the final words from Judge Strickland.


The entire 4 page document can be read here.

Simon Barrett

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