Earlier this morning prosecutors in the Caylee Anthony case released another several hundred pages of discovery material. Little of it was of interest unless you enjoy reading about Roy Kronk and Richard Cain. These characters are not central to the case, merely an entertaining sideshow.

The only really interesting batch of documents concerns the lab results of some of the evidence. There certainly is no smoking gun within those results. If the prosecution is going to get a Death Penalty conviction for Casey Anthony they are going to need to come up with something better than they have released so far.

The hair samples recovered from the skeletal remains of Caylee Anthony show no signs of prescription drug use. It has been widely speculated that Casey might have been using Xanex as a babysitter, that now seems somewhat harder to prove. Although the lab does go on to say that it cannot totally rule it out as the traces of drugs is very small in a hair sample.

Likewise we have a negative match on soil samples from the area Caylee was found and footwear taken from the Anthony home. Once again though the lab report does say that it cannot be totally ruled out.

There are two other interesting red herrings, a dead 52 inch rattlesnake and a bullet casing from a rifle. neither of these items seem to have any value whatsoever.

What I found interesting though is what was not included in this document dump. There is a two page teaser about cell phones and using data forensics on them. believe it or not a cell phone can be a wealth of information if you have the right data tools. The document explains that data was recovered, but it does not say what that data is. There is also a one document that is totally redacted, however it is possible to guess that it is a transcript of an interview, you can tell by the overall format. But an interview with who and what about? Why is it totally redacted? Is this the smoking gun?

Simon Barrett

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