As I recall it was four months ago that Jose Baez and his team tried to explain to judge Strickland that his client Casey Anthony was completely innocent. In fact Casey should be released immediately. The Judge offered some sage advice, provide this compelling information, and indeed an innocent young lady can walk free if Baez could provide the information.

Baez whined, the judge offered Bozo Baez a deal. Show me proof by February 1 that your client is innocent, and she can walk. Of course this has not happened. Yesterday came and went, there was no hearing, no ‘smoking bullet’ from Bozo Baez.

In fact Febuary/1 came and went with no news from Bozo Baez. It would seem that he does not have the amazing evidence required. Of course, it does not take much effort to reach that conclusion. Few people thought that Bozo Baez would come through with the goods. Had the deadline been set for Feburay 2, I might have been tempted to speculate that Baez might offer the sage advice:

Judge Strickland, you can not see Casey Anthony’s shadow, therefore she must be innocent.

This case moves along slower than George and Cindy Anthony seeking jobs. One can only hope that sometime in 2010 it will make its way into the court system.

Obviously Andrea (I have never lost a capital case) Lyons is going to have her work cut out with this case. Casey Anthony ‘copping’ a plea deal on the check fraud deal now removes the “My client has a clean record” whine from Ms Lyons that she was almost guaranteed to use in the court room.

All of the ‘defense team’ seem to share some similar attributes. They are all doing this for free, and they are all contributing their time for the greater good of ensuring that America’s justice system works in the way it was designed to. Sorry, but I smell something. Lawyers do not work for free. The ‘pro bono’ does not cut much ice. Casey Anthony has made it to the ‘Billboard Top 10’ of stupidity. Every move by Baez, Lyons, and the rest of the team needs to be viewed with questions.

Baez frequently moans about how the press is compromising his case, we are coloring the jury pool with our efforts. So upset is he that his ambition is to move the trial to a more neutral location. One wonders where this might be?  For sure there are parts of the rain forests that have not yet been completely  explored, there are parts of the Polar regions that still remain unsullied by ‘mans’ intrusion. But I suspect that the trial of Casey Anthony will take place in Florida. And because of the press coverage, his chances of locating a neutral jury is akin to discovering ‘Cold Fusion.’

I also expect that all of the side shows fronted by Baez and his team will backfire. The only one that walks away with her (almost) reputation in tact will be Andrea Lyons. This prediction has nothing to do with her ability, it is based on the evidence. Casey Anthony will be found guilty of the death of her daughter Caylee Anthony. But it will not be a capital crime.

What you will see is a flurry of books by these ‘pro bono’ people. I can only hope that the major publishing houses turn then down.

Simon Barrett

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