There are two things that upset Jan and I more than anything else, injustice, and abuse, particularly when it involves children. There is something inherently evil  about these subjects.

The Caylee Anthony case makes me want to cry. What possible reason could there be to kill the little girl? As it stands mother Casey Anthony faces the Death Penalty, and that in my mind is her well deserved reward for her actions.

We started the show with a quick wrap up of the past week in the Casey Anthony case. Casey is safely behind bars, which is likely to be her home for the rest of her natural life, yet things are still emerging in the case.

The grand parents of Caylee Anthony, George and Cindy Anthony have spent more time in the media spotlight since last July than Paris Hilton! They have become part of a couple of dubious Foundations, and for the most part have contributed zero to the case. They did manage to get themselves on Larry King last week, which I found surprising. I used to have great respect for Larry, why he would want that riff raff on his show is beyond me.

The bulk of the broadcast concerned the ugly story that the main stream media is avoiding like a rash.

Aaliyah Bedwell is a three year old girl in Northern California, there are indications that she has been abused, both physically and sexually. Simple I hear you say, call the cops, call CPS, call anyone in authority. Well it does not always work out that way. What happens when you are dealing with small town injustice? No one listens, particularly when the accused’s family has connections.

I’ll tell you what happens, trouble!

The accused has an aggressive little witch as council Sandra Amara, trust me folks you would not want to invite her to your BBQ. She certainly won’t talk to us, but maybe we have a rabbit up our sleeve!

Ms Amara, you can only duck us for so long. Amara pulled a couple of interesting stunts this past week, and they would not have worked in a big city, but I guess when you live in a small town and everyone knows everyone, you can get away with it. Here is the problem Sandy, media is starting to sniff around, the heat is going up in the kitchen. BNN is low on the totem pole, but guess what? We have friends in high places. Dodging us only creates a bigger problem for a two bit lawyer when this story explodes. Ms Amara, do you not think it is time to talk to us?

If, and actually it is not ‘if’, it is when this goes to trial, what will Amara do? Maybe a twist on the OJ Simpson case? Remember Johnny Cochran and the glove, I can see Amara making some similar idiot claim “If the penis don’t fit you must acquit”!

We had a number of guests on the show, Aaliyah’s grandfather Tim Bedwell, her aunts Cara and Christen Bedwell, Connie’s Boy Friend Darrel, and Connie’s best friend Sara. We also had Denny Griffin, crime writer, author and all around nice guy. Paul Scharff who is a good friend of BNN also called in. Paul lost his father in a senseless killing spree almost 30 years ago. The case has been solved, but guess what? Small town injustice is at work.

Lets kick the bums out! Why do we have this small town idiocy? Well I can answer that, it is because we allow it. I say enough, lets boot all of these people out of office, and lets put a serious muzzle on lawyers in general.

You can catch the entire show here.

Simon Barrett

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