Breaking News – BNN received a tip this morning, and news is still coming in, but to put it in the words of Nancy Grace “BOMBSHELL”. We have been able to verify the basic story.

A small group of people have been trying to maintain a memorial to Caylee Anthony, and systematically the memorial disappears. I believe it was Brad Conway who went on national TV claiming that his clients George and Cindy Anthony had absolutely nothing to do with these events. He may want to re-think this position!

Last Friday a group of three friends, Lois Peter, her daughter Dakota Peter, and family friend Denise Hill took a small homemade wooden cross to the site and installed it. On Saturday it was gone. They installed a new one, On Sunday they returned and it was once more gone. Yet another cross was put up. The the three friend decided to wait and watch from a distance, to see if they could find out who was removing the memorial. They gave up their vigil at around midnight.

Last night, Monday, our three musketeers returned to the memorial to ‘stake it out’. Interestingly enough on all four nights they drove by the Anthony’s house, and parked outside was the Kidfinders vehicle, in fact there is a rumor (unsubstantiated at this time) that the Milstead’s are in fact staying with the Anthony’s as they have been foreclosed on.

Our band of Nancy Drew’s actually spotted the Anthony vehicle at the memorial site, and by the time they got back to the Anthony abode George was carrying something into the garage and the memorial was gone.

It is what happened next that blows this into the ‘BOMBSHELL’ sector. Both the Anthony’s and the Milsteads then got into their vehicles and chased the women through the area. The Anthony’s and Milsteads made at least two attempts to stop the women by blocking cul-d-sac’s with their vehicles.

At approximately 10:45pm the ladies put out a 911 call. Before anyone could respond they saw a State Troopers vehicle parked and pulled up behind it, the Anthony’s peeled off, but the Milstead’s with ‘strobe lights’ flashing also pulled over. As an aside, this part is very believable, Mr. Milstead’s rap sheet does involve a similar incident where he was busted for impersonating a police officer by using flashing strobe lights and pulling someone over.

Weird turns to weirder, the State Trooper could have cared less, in fact he told them “don’t you think the Anthony’s have been through enough”? He then took the drivers license and walked back to the Milsteads vehicle with it. It is not clear what took place in that discussion, did he show the license to them?

Again, this is raw data, but you can bet HLN will be on this like white on rice! Jan and I just got off the phone with the ladies, they were en route to the memorial site for an interview with WESH, which should have started about 20 minutes ago.

We are waiting for the photo’s, we should have an update in a couple of hours.

Update: It is with some amusement that I publish this comment from the Orlando Sentinal, you have to love Brad Conway’s balls. This story is going to explode, and Conway is right in the direction on the ‘In Coming’. I personally find it amusing,

But Brad Conway, the lawyer representing the Anthonys, told another version of the events.

He said the car was driving around the neighborhood suspiciously, with the lights off. The people inside had ducked to try to avoid being detected.

Conway said George Anthony got out of his car to tell the others they need stop and he was going to call police. That’s when, Conway said, George Anthony was nearly run over by the other car.

“I think they were being reckless,” Conway said.

“Why are these people in somebody else’s neighborhood at 10:30, 11 o’clock at night? Leave them alone.”

The Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident.

This in my mind is a pile of doggy doo. Brad, is this the best you could come up with?

I doubt this lawyering idiocy will do anything but further bury Casey Anthony. Having spent a good deal of time talking with the people involved, this is a strange move by Conway. Of course no-one ever accused lawyers of being sensible.
Simon And Jan Barrett

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