Last Friday the prosecution unleashed around 5000 pages of discovery evidence on the unsuspecting public. Much of it was boring, but that is the way it works. You have to find the gems on a seemingly endless beach of sand. Some gems are beneath the surface, they are hard to find.

The release included a transcript of an interview with Richard Grund. I think it would be fair to say that he had little good to say about the Anthony family. (Link is here)

I have talked to Richard Grund several times, he is an honorable man, a man that has credibility. Credibility is an interesting word, and one that could not be used to describe anyone in the Anthony clan.

Our favorite Pro-Bono lawyer Jose Baez, and his team of poison dwarfs are seemingly headed in a new direction. For a while they seemed bound and determined to bury Meter Reader Roy Kronk, they have dropped that option.

Another target was the illusive Zanny the Nanny. That holds as much water as a leaky bucket!

The next victim(s) are Richard and Jessie Grund. This is a ridiculous idea!

If there were two people that actually cared about Caylee Anthony it was Jessie and his father Richard. They are two people that are above reproach.

Both are destined to be deposed by Bozo Baez next month.

It is clear that the Grund family are the latest, in a series of ever disappearing targets!

What puts up the hackles up on my neck is that Baez and his team of ‘experts’ are being paid by the tax payer!

Richard Grund does not have a huge amount of money, he must comply with the deposition order. But here is the wild card, apparently Bozo Baez loves to give almost no notice of these events.

The depo’s should be interesting. Bozo Baez is walking into a scenario that he will not like. The good news is that when you are depo’d you can demand a copy. I’ll bet money that these depo’s will make the press, and Bozo Baez will look like an idiot (a situation he is familiar with).

Oh this story is just heating up!

Simon Barrett

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