Almost a thousand pages of documents were released last week concerning the capital murder charge that Casey Anthony faces. I am an avid, maybe even rabid reader, but even I found the amount of information a little too much. With the high profile that this case has, I am actually quite surprised that other people have not dissected the information and regurgitated it on the major news networks.

As we all know Caylee Anthony is no longer with us, she became just a bag of bones. Bones in a garbage bag. Casey Anthony (mother), sits behind bars, she is the only viable suspect.

I know lots of folks that have had a few hiccups along the road of life. Some have taken lives. Either at the behest of a government, or a private organization. None however would take the life of a two year old girl.

Casey Anthony has been behind bars for many months, her trial is set for May/2011, so it seems clear that she will remain incarcerated until then.

Will justice be done? That is an answer that only the jury can decide.

I will say this, not only have the Anthony family been put under the microscope, so have the friends and ‘hangers on’.

If you are suffering from a severe bout of insomnia, here is a link to the 1000 pages. But don’t come back to me whining!

Casey Anthony PDF’s

Simon Barrett

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