The Caylee Anthony story has touched many hearts, a missing tot, a youngster with her whole life ahead of her. She has not been seen (by reliable sources) for 5 months. Her mother, a party loving 22 year old sits in jail facing a ‘Murder One Rap’. Not a pretty situation for a young fun loving female. The opportunities for having ‘party time’ behind bars are somewhat limited. Sure you can buy candy bars, shampoo, and a few other essentials, but, cocktails, live music, and exhibitionist activities on the dance floor are hard to come by.

We were delighted that Sean Krause, a dedicated reporter, and Anthony family confidant (up till recently) was able to join the panel. Sean is currently in hospital, but that did not prevent him from joining in. On a personal note, both Jan and I wish Sean a speedy recovery, his regular posts on are already missed.

With a panel of Caylee Anthony case maven, Jan Barrett, the always insightful Ms. Pickles, and Sean Krause, we were set for a barn stormer.

I was not wrong, this show had more live listeners, and more callers than we have ever had before.

Sean revealed much about the Anthony’s, as only an insider could. Our callers kept us on our toes, maybe that is the joy of live radio. It certainly was not 60 minutes of dead air!

Nancy Grace might think she owns the story, not so. Listen in, see what you think.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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