I am going to upstage Nancy Grace’s “Bombshell”. We here at Blogger News are working on the “Atomic Bombshell”! I can not share details at this time, but if the information we have received is accurate, this will have the entire Anthony family, Jose Baez and his seven dwarfs, reaching for the bottle of Tums!

One of the major questions concerning the Casey Anthony defense, and in fact the entire Anthony family is where is the money coming from? Jose Baez has managed to duck answering this question. I am pretty sure the prosecutors are onto the same information I am looking at, and they are going to have a field day!

Caylee Anthony might yet get some justice. While George and Cindy Anthony have been enjoying the good life at the expense of the TV stations, and Jose Baez has been wandering the streets looking for anyone that will listen to him, the prosecution has been very, very quiet. They have been steadily building their case, I am not privy to what they are working on, or the angle that they will pursue at trial, but I do know this. If they are not 110% sure of a conviction they would not put the death penalty back on the table. It would be madness to waste a million dollars of tax payers money (an estimate) and not get a conviction.

Baez meanwhile is crying the pauper, he and his merry band of Dwarfs are Pro Bono. Oh, but he would love to see the State of Florida pick up his tab.

Shortly before his untimely death from cancer I was talking to Sean Krause. Sean was the investigative reporter from the Dark Side, having him on your tail was like having a really bad case of hemorrhoids! Sean was convinced that some of the answers in the Caylee Anthony case could be found in the money trail. At the time I was not sure. Now I am.

Stay tuned, as soon as Jan and I have verification of a few facts, we are waiting on a call back from a few folks, including a DA in Florida. As soon as we get some feedback from the primary players, we have a story that will blow your socks off!

Simon Barrett


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