In part 2 we took a look at Kidfinders, they are just bit players. A much more interesting outfit to examine is The Never Lose Hope Foundation. These folks have some interesting connections, and indeed by connecting the dots we can come to some interesting conclusions. But for now lets just concentrate on Never Lose Hope’s key players.

At center stage, at least as portrayed to the public is William Rivera, his business interests are varied, but among his endeavors he is involved with a telemarketing operation Florida Telemarketing Associations Inc. Also listed as an officer of that company is Parrish Mateo, Mateo in turn owns a number of companies registered in the names Parrish and Parrisch. One of those companies is Resolutions Corporation Center. I found this lovely advertisement for the company. They seem like really nice people to avoid like the plague. In fact a Google on this company reveals quite a trail of upset customers. It is also rumored, and I am trying to verify this, Parrish may have some business interests with another very key player in the Anthony case.

The truly strange thing about Never Lose Hope Foundation is that virtually nothing is known about it.  Some serious Googling really told me nothing, the corporation is almost a ghost, there seem to be no recipients of NLHF’s largess other than the Anthony family. Equally unclear is where their revenue stream.

It was apparently this organization that provided the money to Kidfinders to build the famous Bat Boat aka the S.S. Caylee Marie. A bigger waste of $30,000 I cannot conceive of.

William Rivera is touted as the head honcho of NLHF, yet digging around on my current favorite website shows a different story. The principals listed are Richard Wade, Joseph Rossi, And Mike Harris. Richard Wade incidentally is also named as an officer of  the Florida Telemarketing Associations Inc, the company owned by the esteemed William Rivera.

All in all the Never Lose Hope Foundation creates a very curious paper trail. One wonders what possible link there can be between a charitable organization and a telemarketing operation? Of course if I was a cynic I might think fund raising. Certainly they have the infrastructure. And could conceivably contract themselves to do the fund raising. This would be an interesting and creative way of turning a ‘Not For Profit’ into a profit center.

That also leads us on to the next level of the money trail. In the next article we are going to take a guided tour of a small downtown area of Orlando. There sure are some interesting folks who hang out in small geographic area.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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