This is just one piece of a fascinating puzzle. In my previous articles I have talked about a number of the other folks who are involved. If you have not read the articles I recommend you do, part1, part2, part3, part4.

The Caylee Anthony case is without doubt a terrible tragedy, and we know that our justice system is created on the premise of innocent until proved guilty. There are few people though that have any doubts that the authorities have the right suspect in Casey Anthony. I also believe that she acted alone and that Caylee’s death was likely accidental.

What surprises me though are the number of colorful and somewhat shady people that are involved in the case. The question that I, and a few other people keep asking is the Why? Why are these people involved, there has to be a reason, and it has to be a financial reason.

One of the names that keeps cropping up in all the wrong places is Mark NeJame. Initially the attorney representing the senior Anthony’s, NeJame was riding the crest of a wave at first, everyone initially fell for the grieving grandparents, however both George and Cindy were making enemies faster than a speeding bullet. NeJame, at least in my opinion, didn’t like the fact that he was being drawn into the Anthony camp, and becoming a bit of a target himself. It was time to rehabilitate his image. He dumped the Anthony’s, and for a short while it looked like NeJame was out of the picture. Not so, like so many of the background characters they keep appearing whenever you turn a rock over. NeJame suddenly buddied up with Tim Miller of Equusearch. Tim Miller seemed like the perfect choice, while the Anthony’s were mired in financial accusations, Tim Miller represented salvation.

Lets take a closer look at our knight in shining armor, Mark NeJame. Here is what we know about the guy, he is a high powered attorney, he has bags of money, has a majority share in the Tabu nightclub, and likes to appear as a supporter of the little guy. A real hero. Oh and of course like almost everyone else involved in this case he mostly works for free. In fact I have come to the conclusion that the only people not working for free are Jan and I. I’d guess that we make about 25 cents an article for following the story!

Mark NeJame is not quite what he seems. He has lots of friends in low places. There are some business links that we are still researching, but I will share what I have so far.

Reach for the Advil and Tums, you will need it by the end of this article.

Lets start with a really interesting aside, remember Lou Pearlman? He was the music promoter of ‘N Sync, and Backstreet Boys that last year fell foul of the law for some fraudulent investments. Oh, its chump change in comparison with Bernie Madoff, Pearlman is only on the hook for 300 million.

Did you know that Lou Pearlman and Mark NeJame are buddies? Lou was a guest at NeJame’s wedding, and NeJame has even represented him.

Actually it was quite the wedding. Not like when Jan and I tied the knot, we caught a city bus downtown, picked up our witness, borrowed a digital camera, caught a cab to the Pastors house, caught another cab to the bar. The reception consisted of a couple of pints of draft beer, a bottle of Baby Duck and some stale Pretzels. Total outlay under $100.

The NeJame’s on the other hand had a slightly more upscale wedding. It has been reported that Josie NeJame flew from Orlando to New York just to get a Hair do for the big event!

One has to wonder if NeJame had any other business dealings with Pearlman?

The one thing that is clear to me is that we are dealing with some slick operators. One of my favorite Authors is John LeCarre, in 1972 he penned a classic book ‘Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy’. The main character is George Smiley, and he is on the quest to find the truth. It does not take Smiley long to realize that the path he is on is one that his mentor had traveled before his death.

I feel a little like George Smiley, the path I am on has been traveled before. My good friend Sean Krause was the pilgrim, and the more I dig, the more I realize that Sean was indeed very close to unlocking the devious knot before Cancer stole him from us.

I sense that Sean was on the same quest, and I share his belief that something smells bad. I have spent countless hours deviling in the paperwork, the trail is there, but it is complex. There are some common themes whichever direction I take. There are names and concepts that keep reoccurring. One of the concepts is money, and lots of it. I doubt that Casey Anthony had any involvement, she was too busy being a party girl to have anything to do with the sharp end. However, there is some speculation that Casey Anthony may have been involved in some sex and drug activity.

As I mentioned before, there are names that crop up again and again, shell companies, inactive companies, and strange associations. What bothers me is that one of those names is Mark NeJame.

The other name that keeps popping up is Peter Benevides. While I cannot find a direct link between them (yet) there are several indirect links. And you can bet I am hunting hard. While I am not sure how much credibility I have in this, but read this article.

I am sure that Sean was working on this same connection. It is way too hot for the MSM (Main Stream Media). Some information surfaced today that I found interesting. Sean had a heart of gold and a mouth that needed washing out! Obviously Jan and I loved the guy! Sean was ready to launch a story about NeJame, but was talked out of it. Sean was a dog, he loved to dig, and he would not launch a story unless he was 150% certain he was right. I am walking in his shoes, I think the story he had put Casey Anthony as a bit player, someone in the wrong place at the wrong time. In fact she is just an unfortunate inconvenience. But, there is that old saying ‘Honor amongst thieves’.

I smell the cleaning of George Washington’s! There is big money involved. I am sure that Sean could smell the same thing. What I do not know is how NeJame talked Sean out of publishing. It is not clear that it was a threat, in fact it seems that it was a tease for some personal help. Of course that help never materialized, and Sean is now dead.

I am reasonably certain that Mark NeJame will read this article. So, Mark drop me a line, and we will be happy talk to you. (Just click on the big black box on the right of the screen, that is the email link).

Simon Barrett

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