Last week almost 1000 pages of evidence were released concerning the Casey Anthony case. Much of it was interview transcripts. I am a fast reader, but even I was a little daunted by the volume of information.

There were no ‘smoking guns’ per se, but there was an absolute wealth of information that reveal how the investigators approached the case, and the methodical approach that was taken. It also added a great deal of ‘fact’ to back up some claims that had been rumoured for many months.

It also reveals some of the more outrageous witnesses that had attempted to insert themselves into investigation. All I can say is that the investigators have the patience of Job. Sergeant John Allen must have been reaching for the Tums and Advil after dealing with Joy Wray.

Among Wray’s claims were that she is a personal friend of president George W. Bush, she is a trained spy, had photographs of the location where the remains of Caylee Anthony were found that prove the body was planted after the water had receded, and that Jose Beaz had taken her camera memory card as evidence. Oh, and that Leonard Padilla had threatened to kill her if she testified!

“Sure I have been ‘Baker Acted’ a couple of times, but I am not criminally insane”, she explains in one interview!

Hmm, is all I can say.

How Law Enforcement investigators kept a straight face is beyond me. They deserve a medal for actions above and beyond the call of duty!

Entertaining though the Joy Wray interviews were, the documents also revealed a great deal of very serious information.

We learn much about the dynamics and truthfulness of the Anthony family. For the first time we actually get to read the various accounts of what happened when Tim Miller and his Texas Equusearch team hit town. These interviews warrant an analysis of their own. And I do plan on doing that in another article. I will give you a taste, according to Tim Miller, Cindy Anthony told him to:

Get the F### out of here

And Jose Baez told Miller that he:

Thanked him for helping in the search, but could you please not talk to my client directly? If you have questions ask me first.

The investigator asked Tim Miller how many searches he and his group had conducted over the years, Miller said it was in the region of 1100. The investigator then asks how many times had he heard a request from a legal representative to NOT talk to the person that saw the missing person last?


Is Millers answer.

It all gives you pause for thought. More soon.

I will have the 1000 pages of evidence staged online for those of you that are insomniacs, in an hour or so.

Simon Barrett

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