Yes folks, we will be back on Blog Talk Radio on Sunday. Once again the panel will be my wife Jan, bloggernews’s Caylee Anthony maven, Ms Pickles our regular commenter, and Sean Krause enjoyed the call in questions last week, he will be joining us again from his hospital bed in New York. I am also working on a super secret guest, however with the developments that have happened in the last 48 hours they may not be able to fit us into their TV commitments, we shall have to wait and see.

This weeks show should be an interesting one. Everyone is waiting for the results of the skeleton that was found only a few hundred yards from the Anthony home. While it is too early for scientific results to be in, most people seem to have a pretty good idea that this indeed is all that remains of little Caylee Anthony.

Following the discovery of the skeletal remains the police took no time at all to get another search warrant for the Anthony home. Although they were tight lipped as to their findings, the comment ‘we absolutely found something of interest’ is telling. Obviously it is unknown exactly what was taken from the Anthony home, but camera crews did capture images of vacuum cleaners being loaded up. There is also much talk about Duct Tape, this ubiquitous accessory found in virtually every household in America, has some very unique properties. Even months after it is used, it is still sticky. The Duct Tape found inside the trash bag could contain fiber, hair, DNA, or even finger prints.

Set your computer dial to at 3PM CST on Sunday and click on the Listen Live button.

Simon Barrett

Edited by Jan: By the way we have decided to expand the show this Sunday to 90 minutes instead of 60 so there will be more time for our callers to ask their questions. So we hope you all will call in. Thanks everyone.

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