I recently published an article about Michelle Bart, and that she had scheduled a radio show on Blog Talk Radio. The show aired last night, and I am now even more baffled than I was before.

Michelle Bart has a long history of being in the Anthony camp, she was the original spokesperson for the Anthony family when Caylee was first reported missing. Last nights adventure, which was on the one year anniversary of Caylee Anthony’s disappearance being reported to law enforcement (some 30 days after the actual disappearance) was billed as an opportunity to discuss the autopsy report and the case in general:

On our first upcoming show, we will explore the Caylee Anthony autopsy report with a forensic expert and discuss the case that became public knowledge a year ago on July 15, 2008 in Orlando, Florida.

What possible motive could there be? Why would Michelle Bart, a long time supporter of the Anthony family want to air such a program? These questions kept going around in my mind, I knew there had to be an angle, but what could it be?

As the Germans would say ‘allez ganz klar’, all becomes clear. This was a 45 minute excursion into discrediting the validity of the autopsy report. Michelle Bart had professor Shelley Schaefer, a forensics expert as her guest.

It was an entertaining excursion into the ridiculous. Maybe the most outstanding piece of idiocy was bringing into question the identity of the skeleton. Professor Schaefer even questioned the sex of the skeleton! One has to wonder about the credibility of this expert.

I am not sure that Michelle Bart was quite expecting the questions that callers had. Right out of the starting blocks a caller grilled the good professor on her credentials to even talk about the subject. It went downhill from there.

Unable to resist, I called in with the all important question of why mother Casey Anthony waited 30 days to report that her daughter was missing. Needless to say, Michelle jumped in and explained that that was not the focus of the program, yet the program description specifically states ‘…and discuss the case..’.

A little later the subject of duct tape came up. Once again the good professor had some unlikely words of wisdom. In her esteemed opinion the duct tape was applied after the child died. That stretches my imagination to the limits. Why would you put duct tape on a dead body?

Michelle Bart is either the most ill informed person on the planet or an imbecile. One caller brought up the subject of the famed Anthony Bat Boat donated by the Kidfinders organization. Bart pretended that she did not know George and Cindy had a boat!

Being an interviewer, and the host of numerous call in radio shows I found the entire program to be an absolute farce. The subject was supposed to be the autopsy report, yet it was clear that Bart had not actually read it. Preferring instead to rely of second hand comments gleaned from CNN.

Clearly this entire program was an exercise in public relations that got badly derailed. Rather than achieving the goal of bringing doubt and uncertainty to the autopsy report, both Bart and Schaefer came across as buffoons. In fact it was not just derailed, it was a full scale train wreck. Rather than achieve the mission of casting doubt and uncertainty, something akin to a Marx Brothers movie unfolded.

If you have a strong constitution and enjoy watching people commit hari kari on air you can listen to the recording here.

Simon Barrett

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