My wife Jan and I have decided to have another radio show about the Caylee Anthony story. It will be airing at 3pm CST next Sunday. Joining us is going to be the infamous Pickles from the wilds of Oregon. If it is anything like last weeks show, it will be must hear stuff.

This week we are going to be focusing on more recent developments in the case, and you can bet your last dollar that it will be a lively discussion. There might be a mystery guest, but, before you get your hopes up, the Anthony family likely think that Jan and Simon Barrett are the Anti Christ, and Leonard Padilla doesn’t answer my emails. I guess I am not as cute as Nancy Grace, and I doubt that Nancy would appear on any show where someone else had the ‘mute’ button (and I have one). Even Koby has got fed up with being slapped by the rather obnoxious Nancy Grace, so I doubt he would enjoy a good chewing from the Piranhas that lurk here on Blogger News!

Whats new this week? Well actually lots, there is the on again, off again Anthony tell all book deal, except now they are talking more in terms of a ‘Dummies Guide To Missing Grandchildren’. My personal view is that the family would be far better qualified to write the ‘Dummies Guide To Dummies’! Although not being covered by the MSM (main stream media) there are many questions being raised about Kidfinders and another organization, The Never Lose Hope Foundation, are they what they seem? There are rumors of a TV or cable deal for Padilla. Defense attorney Jose Baez continues to make significant mistakes that are calling into question his competence. There is also the question of what Texas based Equusearch are doing. Will they continue, will they pull out?

New video from the FBI also reveals that the Anthony family is not as squeaky clean as they might have us believe.

If last weeks show is anything to go by, this week will be even better.

The link to the show can be found on the sidebar, just click the Listen Live button at 3pm on Sunday

We are looking forward to talking with you all.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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