This week on The News In Review we will once again be returning to the Caylee Anthony story. In the studio in Mississippi will be Simon Barrett,  his wife, and resident expert on the case Jan Barrett. From the west coast we have Pickles, a regular commenter on Blogger News.

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So what is new in the Caylee Anthony case this week? Well, there were hundreds of pages of early interviews released. This might not sound like new news, but indeed it is. You get a real sense of just how strange this case really is.

Anthony’s Ambushed? Well that is their claim. The early audio and video interviews are illuminating, if for no other reason than to get a feel for just how strange this family is.

Kidfinders have a falling out with WFTV channel 9, banning all interviews with the station. Oh, and of course Kidfinders have a unique marriage with the Anthony’s in spokesperson Michelle Bart. Although not talked about in the MSM (Main Stream Media) a great deal is what exactly does Kidfinders do? Is the printing of posters and T-Shirts the sum total of their organization?

Our favorite bounty hunter with the hat the size of Texas claims he is coming back to Florida.

The suggested Gag Order was denied by the Florida court system. Who would have gained from the Gag Order, and who would have lost? The denial of the Gag Order was hardly surprising, Florida law is pretty clear about the rules of issuing them.

So, join us Sunday and catch up with all that has happened.

Simon Barrett

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