Another in our weekly talk radio show The News In Review is now in the can. I spend a good deal of time working with the written media so the opportunity to hold an open vocal discussion is something I relish.

Our regular squad was a man down, Sean I hope that you make a full recovery. Sean Krause has become a very intrinsic part of our broadcasts, and he faces some tough times with his health. His web site may well sink unless he gets a Laptop that he can use in hospital, and it likely will be a long stay. If you can help Sean, send a couple of bucks to him to help buy one.

What amazes me is the high number of people that care about the Caylee Anthony case. Our radio broadcast is done on a shoe-string, we have no pre-screeners for the calls, we have no clue what our callers are going to say, and we have no 10 second delay. This is radio as live as it gets.

So what did our listeners have to say? Oh they had lots to say. You can listen to the recording here.

Simon and Jan Barrett.

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