As always, our News In Review radio show was a pretty lively one. 60 minutes of hard hitting discussion on the very sad Caylee Anthony case. Our illustrious panel consisted of Jan Barrett who is the BNN maven on the subject. Sean Krause of, who is nothing if not ‘politically incorrect’, and very good at it. Denny Griffin of who is an author and crime writer from Sin City agreed to join us. Our last panelist is not a journalist, but she is a frequent commenter on BNN. It is easy to become wrapped up in the journalism world, and become disconnected to what is happening at the ground level, to rectify this, Pickles joined in. Oh, and to make sure everyone behaved, I acted as host (or maybe Ringmaster).

In 60 minutes we covered a lot of ground, and fielded a lot of calls.

One of the things that I had been searching for was a recording of a live video show that Leonard Padilla hosted last Sunday. Denny Griffin gets kudos for spotting it. Alas it was on some ‘Off The Wall’ service that no one had heard of, someplace called Ustream. Jan and I wondered what the ‘hatted one’ could offer at this stage?

Our regular caller Brian did catch Mr. Padilla, and guess what? It was another large bag of hot air. I wonder if his regular appearances on Nancy Grace (Headline News) have made his hat size even larger?

The panel also fielded calls about the recent ruling by Judge Strickland, Jose and the boys can play in the dirt, AKA the crime scene. This ruling, by itself, is of no importance. However, in the history of the case it takes on another significance. Jose Baez whined about the crime scene when it was discovered, he petitioned the court to allow access to it while the investigators were doing their job. Needless to say, this idea was quickly quashed by the Judge. Once the crime scene had been explored, documented, and all evidence found, Jose Baez and his team of ‘talking heads’ were given access. Jose by this time had lost interest. Months later he suddenly wants access?

George remains in hospital, as I understand it he was brought in under the Baker act, a piece of legislation aimed at protecting people from themselves. But it was my understanding that under the baker act the maximum time that someone can be held is 72 hours. we are way beyond that. Why is he still there?

A couple of ‘toys’ also surfaced the Caylee sunshine doll, and the Casey voodoo doll.

This is one lively discussion, you can listen to it here.

Simon Barrett

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