There have been hundreds of thousands of words written about Caylee Anthony on Blogger News alone, I am sure that when you factor in the rest of the mass media the number of words written about the missing Florida tot is in the millions. Tot Mom Casey Anthony is the hot favorite for being the guilty party. There are few people with an IQ that reaches into double digits that are not in agreement. The only argument that holds any water is did she do it on purpose, or was Caylee’s death some sort of unfortunate accident, and pathological liar Casey Anthony is just acting true to form and not spilling the beans?

Having followed this case vicariously through the diligent work of my wife Jan, I have come to the conclusion that the entire case, is not so much a case, but a circus. So many people have so much to gain from their involvement. The gains may not be monetary, clearly suspected tot killer Casey Anthony does not have any money, the gains come in the fashion of fame and notoriety.

In my mind the motives of all involved are very clear. Casey Anthony did not enjoy having Caylee in her life, the little girl cramped her lifestyle. Caylee was an impediment to fun. Caylee was the reason that Casey could not go out and party with her friends. But what about everyone else? You could write a book about the rest of the people.

Let us start with the Anthony family, clearly the pathological liar gene comes from her mother, Cindy Anthony can not remember the last time she actually told the truth. Brother Lee is a slightly different case, his sheer avoidance of the entire issue, and reluctance to co-operate is an issue. His motives are hard to understand, maybe they are to protect his sister, or maybe something darker. His reluctance to share DNA makes one wonder. Father George Anthony is the only member of the family that garners any credibility. He is also the only family member that sees to actually care about what has happened to Caylee Anthony.

Next up on my whipping block has to be the legal team defending Casey Anthony. Jose Baez is at best an ambulance chaser, in my mind the only reason for taking on this case was for the publicity. Even that has backfired on him. Being stupid in front of your buddies at the local watering hole is bad enough, being stupid in front of millions of viewers is an entirely different problem. Jose Baez may be quite good at getting a quick settlement out of an insurance company for a fender bender, or be able to negotiate a plea bargain on a parking ticket, but his Courtroom experience is almost zero, and his batting average on big wins is so small that you would require an electron microscope to register it.

Florida requires an ‘adult’ lawyer to defend capital cases, enter our new best buddy, Terry Lenamon. He is credentialed to handle a capital one murder case in Florida. Though if I was sitting behind bars I might be a little leery of having him represent me. To quote an article from WESH TV out of Orlando “Terry Lenamon said he has defended people facing the death penalty, with six of his clients receiving life in prison. The other two were sentenced to death.” Ouch! This sounds like someone I would want on my team! There may be justice yet for Caylee Anthony. With this kind of high powered lawyering behind Casey, I can not see how the prosecution can lose.

So what is Lenamon’s motivation? Clearly not monetary. No, it is all about the publicity. There is almost certainly a book or movie deal in the making.

Let us move on to the Headline News TV coverage. To put it bluntly most of what is said on the Nancy Grace show is hogwash. How many times must we listen to the same voice over sound bites from the police interviews?

I know two ex FBI honchos, one was the agent in charge of capturing a couple of high profile home grown terrorists, the other was a top profiler who’s profiles were uncannily accurate and essential in cracking a number of cases. I asked them their thoughts on the Caylee Anthony case, and if they might be interested in talking about it ‘on the record’. They opted not to go on record, because, as they put it “we know no more than anyone else that watches Headline News, and we do not wish to become another talking head”.

What a great response! One that very much sums up the Nancy Grace show. Nancy has her ‘experts’ which broadly fall into two categories, those who are convinced that Casey Anthony is guilty, these experts are permitted to speak in full sentences. The other category are the ‘so called’ defense experts, who rarely get to actually finish a sentence before Nancy cuts them off. What I don’t understand is a) why the hell she bothers to invite them on the show, and b) why the hell they keep coming back? If Ms Grace was rude to me, you can bet your inheritance I would not appear a second time for another dose of verbal abuse. Their motive? Again it is just for publicity! I believe it was Irish author and dramatist Brendan Behan that came out with the great quote “There is no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary.”

These so called experts are living proof that Brendan knew what he was talking about.

I say, less talk and more action is what is needed. I hear the interrogators at Gitmo are pretty good at getting answers. Maybe the Florida cops need a quick lesson in the art of Waterboarding.

Simon Barrett

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