Casey Anthony sits safely in jail, while this is cold comfort for people that really want to understand the actions of tot mom Casey Anthony, it is at least a move forward. From ‘person of interest’ Casey Anthony is now facing a ‘murder one’ rap.

It is still a bit of an anathema to me how a very junior, and very naïve lawyer Jose Baez became involved in the case. His background is less than stellar, and his legal ‘activities’ in this case have caused a good deal of grumpiness within the legal system. Hugging clients, and generally disregarding the rules laid down by the prison system have likely made Bozo Jose Baez few friends within the law enforcement world.

Generally the prosecution and defense camps have respect for each other. They are at different ends of the playing field, but professionalism keeps them friends. I have heard of stories of friendly bets, loser buys a meal and drinks. The bottom line here is that this is not personal, it is work. It is no different than me sparing with another reviewer. It has nothing to do with personal stuff, it is just about work!

Bozo Jose Baez seems to have forgotten these simple unwritten rules.

Mr. Bozo Baez has a new angle. A tip line for people that have photos and videos concerning the time line of little Caylee Anthony’s disappearance. I talked this over with my wife Jan, who has been following this case closely. It is my opinion that Bozo Jose Baez is out of his depth on this case. This latest excursion merely adds fire to the fuel. I will NOT publish the Bozo Jose Baez tip line number, but if you do have some tips, photos, videos, etc, please contact the adults running the show at 1-800-423-TIPS.

Simon Barrett

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