Actually it is quite refreshing to write a story that does not involves the ambulance chasing attorney Jose Baez and his merry band of unpaid specialists. I just wish I had the ability to work for free! Alas I am cut from a different cloth, I do have to pay my rent, I do have to pay my electric bill, and I do have to put food on the table.

A new ‘data dump. is scheduled for tomorrow, but the grand parents George and Cindy Anthony are trying to block one release. The autopsy. Now why would that want to take that route? What possibly could be in the results that they do not already know? The answer to that question is ‘nothing’.

In broad terms the results have been released already. Certainly there is nothing new to be found in the official version.

Well, maybe there is one aspect. An important aspect. An aspect that might have great sway over a jury. The duct-tape. Is the duct-tape the key? Forensics reveal little on the subject, it was a common brand, and could not be tied directly to the tape found at the Anthony house other than the fact that it was the same brand.

But, and here is the big BUT, the autopsy may well discuss the placement of the duct tape. Any opportunity of accidental death goes out of the window with it written in black and white that the tape was over the mouth.

Of course one wonders what possible the Anthony’s might have to the release of the autopsy. Even more curious, why is it George and Cindy, I thought they and the Milsteads were just running interference. Where are Jose Baez and the seven unpaid dwarfs? How come our unpaid high power lawyers are saying nothing?

Once again, we seem to be dealing with stupidity! Can the law prevail?

Simon Barrett

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